Does your company use a platform for communicative and collaborative purposes? Odds are, the answer is yes. Technology is pushing business forward everyday and it’s necessary to keep up. If you’re using one of these platforms there’s a really good possibility it’s Office 365 or G Suite which are both subscription and cloud-based.

Both of these software applications, or platforms, involve cloud storage and only require an internet connection to access data you may need for work. With the increase in remote work throughout the world due to COVID, platforms like these are more useful than ever. 

Office 365 and G Suite are also a great way for any company to save money on data storage while benefiting from the platform’s other features at the same time. One of the best aspects of the cloud is that depending on the route you take, storage can be unlimited. It can scale and grow as your business does and we can help you every step of the way. 


How Does Office 365 Use the Cloud

Cloud aside, when it comes to Office 365 the services and features are endless. No matter where you are in the country you can chat or share files with your team members, pushing projects forward in a timely manner and increasing productivity. 

Now, these stored files are the driving force here. So where and how does Office 365 store data? OneDrive for business is Microsoft’s cloud storage solution that allows you to update and share files in real time. Microsoft Teams also uses OneDrive on the backend so any files shared over team are stored in the same secure way. 

Businesses are actually getting work done more quickly because of how easily it is to share information through this kind of platform. Not only do you benefit from endless cloud storage services but Microsoft Office 365 comes with all of the desktop applications from Office suite. You’ll be able to create spreadsheets, PowerPoints, and word documents that you can save and share all in one central location. 

Microsoft Office 365 offers multiple subscriptions. They recognize that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to business operations. Through IT Consulting with the right Managed Service Provider (MSP) you can save money while increasing productivity today.


G Suite and the Cloud

Another platform that uses cloud storage and is somewhat similar to Office 365 is G Suite through Google. Similarly to Office, G Suite offers a wide array of web-based applications that allow your team to create and share documents in one safe space.

When you sign up for G Suite you’re getting apps like Hangouts, Sheets, Docs and most importantly Google Drive. Google Drive operates in G Suite the same way OneDrive does with Office. It’s a safe way to store your data in the cloud. It also allows for collaboration and auto-updates so team members can work together on the same document. 

File storage can get complicated and goes hand-in-hand with your business plan. A lot of businesses don’t like to use data centers as much because they don’t feel it’s as secure. Cloud is the new trend in the business world and considering how much money your saving in storage, cloud computing makes a lot of sense. 


What we can do for you!

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) it’s our job to have the right understanding of Microsoft Office and G Suite. We will not only tell you which platform will help your business succeed the most, but we will also help you with your subscription plan. There are so many options and we can help rid you of that headache. 

So, now that you’ve decided you’re ready for the cloud, let us migrate you! One of the solutions we offer involves moving your data from it’s current setup to its new home in the cloud. Whether it’s Office or G Suite we will make your transition as smooth and painless as possible. No business interference along the way. 

As an MSP we also understand the importance of redundancy? Maybe you’re used to using physical data centers or you’ve always had things stored onsite. We understand that this can be a big change so that’s why we make sure to incorporate redundancy. One of our Managed Cloud Services is cloud-to-cloud backup. We secure you from every angle possible.

If you would like to learn more about the cloud and which of these platforms may enhance your business, contact The TNS Group today. 

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