With more people working remotely everyday, utilizing benefits of the cloud allows you to work seamlessly while “on-the-go.” Office365 allows you to access your email, files, and documents all in one place, from anywhere and eliminates the hassle of connecting to a VPN. All you need is an internet connection to take advantage of the top 10 benefits that Office has to offer.



Nothing is more important than protecting your business and it’s private data. Office365 has built in advanced security features that protect against external threats and provide administrators with internal access control. You will always know where your data is and who has access to it. In addition, Mobile Device Management is a component of the application that enables you and to secure and manage company data on employees’ mobile devices. 

You have the ability to remotely wipe all data from your mobile device if it’s lost or stolen. Office365 includes Message Encryption so only the recipient can read the email, and Advanced Threat Analytics to detect and alert you to suspicious activity immediately.


Work from Anywhere

Office365 allows you to access all your emails, work documents, and Office programs like Word and Excel at any given time with an internet connection. This is very beneficial to you and your team member who are out on business trips, on vacation, or just working from home. 

Gone are the days of stressing over the fact that you forgot to bring an important file to a meeting. Along with that, if internet isn’t available, files that are stored in OneDrive or SharePoint can sync locally for instant access from your desktop. This kind of access makes a big difference when it comes to productivity. Even if there’s a power outage, your team will have the resources they need to continue working.



Microsoft 365 also provides features that allow your team members to collaborate whether they’re together in the office or in multiple locations. Microsoft SharePoint allows you to share documents with other team members as long as you give them permission. 

Co-authoring is an important feature that can be used on the documents you upload to SharePoint. This allows multiple people to edit the same document in real-time and eliminates the hassle of hunting for the most updated version. No more wasted time redoing work and merging documents. Microsoft Office also provides shared calendars to keep everyone on track to reach deadlines.



For any business, communication is what helps move things forward. Especially now with more people working outside the office, finding a way to keep your team members connected is necessary. A primary component of Office 365 is Microsoft Teams, which connects the key elements of Office365 into a single tool and can be set up in a manner that meets the specific needs of your organization. 

Office document management, SharePoint, OneDrive and Skype, are all office applications utilized via Teams. Prior to Teams, these products existed on their own without any type of integration between them. The game has changed and it can help transform the workplace and workflow in a positive manner.

Mix and Match Plans

Whether your business is big or small Office 365 has a plan for you. Every employee is going to have different technical requirements for the positions and Office365 does not have a one size fits all approach. 

Depending on your user structures you may wish to mix between an E1 and an E3 and or other combinations of plans, depending on need. This enables you to designate needs per user and take advantage of the cost savings that go along with it. Having the ability to mix and match prevents you from paying for something you don’t need and allows you to budget accordingly.


Always Up to Date

Gone are the days of having to pay each time there’s a new version of Office. With an Office365 subscription, your business will always have the latest versions of Office at no addition charge. This eliminates a great deal of time that used to be spent uninstalling old software from each computer in order to install the new. 

You will have access to all new features as soon as they’re introduced. This also eliminates compatibility issues because all users in your business will have the same version.

Business Intelligence

Office365 provides your managers and executives with insights about how employees work. This kind of data goes hand in hand with increasing productivity. It allows you to pinpoint where exactly your team members need improvement so you can make the appropriate adjustments.

Eliminates Hardware

With the Cloud, there is no need for servers for storage. This eliminates the need for capital cost of purchasing a new server, reducing energy costs, and the need for office space and a cooling mechanism to store your servers. Seems like a big weight lifted off your business’ shoulders, right?


Email Capabilities

Office365 has a number of extremely beneficial email features. First there’s Boomerang which acts as a snooze button for your email. It moves messages from your inbox to a storage folder. It has advanced scheduling features for sent mail as well. 

Focused inbox is another great feature which places what it determines as your most relevant emails into one folder and the rest into another. These are only a couple of the great email features Office365 provides.


When using Office 365 your email calendar, and contacts are all synchronized. If you update a contact on a mobile device, it will automatically update across all devices. It also provides a single location for team members to store project information. 

The first ten minutes of meetings won’t be wasted hunting for work materials any longer. Increase productivity by taking your time back. Office365 clearly has a lot to offer any business.

If this kind of platform seems like it would be beneficial for you, contact The TNS Group today for more information.

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