Our leadership team focuses on the strategic growth of our business for the long term by bringing value to our clients and driving a positive company culture. We each bring a unique perspective and skill set, and together, we foster a collaborative work environment by bringing humanity and leadership to the organization. Our visionary approach allows us to anticipate what the future holds so we can actively move forward with conviction.

Standing strongly by and exuding our core values of quality, integrity, accountability and community resonates throughout our company. We are relentless about providing the highest quality solutions and services to our clients to meet their business and technical needs; working to the highest standard of ethics and integrity; taking accountability for our actions; giving back to the communities in which we serve.

Our company culture is a key component behind our business. We cultivate a respectful work environment that allows our employees to express their opinions and recommendations on all matters related to the company. We invest in our team’s continued education so they can develop their skills and establish their path for the future.

We strive to be leaders in all facets of our business to ensure that our team as a whole is responsive, pragmatic and consistent in making technology work for our clients.

Ami Soifer
Founder and CEO

John Stroili
Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Louise Soifer
Director of HR

Jeff Egol
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Steve Hathaway
Director of IT