They Accommodate Our Needs as a Nonprofit

"I’d recommend any potential customer hire The TNS Group because their team is great value for our investment."

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Melissa Norden Executive Director
Bottomless Closet

TNS Provides Every Employee Top-Tier IT Solutions

"The great thing about TNS is that everything doesn't have to flow through me. If there's a problem, every employee can call TNS."

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Cole Jordan Director of Finance and Administration
Stage Directors and Choreographers Society

TNS Enables Me to Give My Attention Elsewhere

"As a company experiencing hypergrowth, TNS has enabled us to increase our workforce at a scale we would NOT be able to do without their help."

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Frank Devoe Director of Operations Development
Dailypay, Inc.

TNS Has EXCELLENT Customer Service

"With TNS, they've been helping us from when we were a staff of 15 to now that we are a staff of 70. I would recommend them to anyone who asks me about IT Services."

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Roger Pagano Office Administrator
Women Deliver

One of the Best Vendors I've Ever Worked With

"TNS, as an organization, is conscientious and trustworthy, and they deliver what they say they will deliver on budget and on time."

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Tom Sussman VP of Business Operations
NPower, Inc.

Complaints Had Gone Away Pretty Quickly After We Hired TNS

"No matter how big or small the problem, they're out there to help and service them. They really do care, and they do know what they're talking about at the same time."

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Dave Teitler CFO

The Transition Has Been Seamless - A Tours de Force

"Not only were they able to seamlessly support our operations and infrastructure, but they were also able, over time, to provide useful technical advice on further improvements and show us how to implement them."

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Richard Barnes CIO
Atlas Air Worldwide

Their Response Time Is Just Exceptional

"We continue to use their services because they provide great customer service. They help us get through audits with zero deficiencies. They’re good at staying within our budget range, which is important since we’re a nonprofit."

Africa Staples Chief Compliance Officer
Opengate, Inc.

Most Competitive on Product, Price, and Responsiveness

"They have been able to keep pace with substantial changes—our growth, COVID challenges, changes in operating systems and tools, hacking attempts by foreign entities, etc."

Michael Schreiber COO
Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights

I Love Them!

"TNS has been spot-on in finding solutions that work well within our budget. I appreciated their analysis initially and that they pointed out things missed by our previous IT provider, such as email cleanup."

April E. Bland Office Manager
Strive International

Better Than Other MSPs We’ve Worked With

"Their team has an extremely quick turnaround when it comes to tickets. They’re good at jumping on emergency situations such as if our network is down or if we’re facing any security issues.

Dale Bryant Director of Technology
Jeremiah Program

They’re Very Responsive and Proactive

"For over 20 years, they've been committed to providing great service and working with customers based on their unique needs. Their expertise allows us to focus on our core business knowing they are monitoring our systems constantly."

Edward Browne CEO
Stamford Emergency Medical Services, Inc.

Goes the Extra Mile

"TNS has consistently provided efficient and timely services for us through their 24×7 IT Managed Services. They designed and implemented a new infrastructure that brought stability to our system."

Ruben Santiago VP of Compliance and IT
Seamax Capital Management LLC

Everyone Has Nothing but Positives About TNS

"The whole experience with the onsite repair was great. The technician showed up with the part, changed it, and done in 48 hours. Thanks to the team there at TNS!"

Frank Brady VP of Strategic Medical Receivables
Golden Pear Funding OPCO, LLC

We Were Made to Feel Important

"In all honesty, TNS has done so much for us in the last five years, and I can't think of anything they could do to be better. Perfection is almost impossible, but on a scale of 0-100 I would give TNS a 99."

Keith Pascucci Director of Technology
St. Raymond Elementary School

They’re Quick, Efficient, and Helpful

"TNS’s project management is very good. They’re very accessible and open overall. Whenever we have new projects in mind, they tend to be very responsive and accommodating in the options that they offer."

Louis Wu Operations Manager
LEDA Scholars

Issues Have Always Been Taken Care of Efficiently

"The most impressive thing about TNS is that I don't have to worry about IT on an in-depth level. I can simply oversee progress giving me time to do what is important and manage my business."

Dion Calheta Vice President
Capeway Roofing Systems, Inc.

TNS Stays on Top of Our Needs!

"Our people get their day-to-day problems solved in a quick and effective manner. Having 24-hour monitoring and a good secure backup plan gives us the confidence to run our infrastructure without worry."

Mark Foster President
Allied Sinterings, Inc.