Cloud-to-cloud backup is the practice of copying data stored on one cloud backup service to another cloud. If you are actively creating data in SaaS (Software as a Service) applications such as Dropbox, Salesforce, Google Suite or Microsoft Office 365, to name a few, how are you accounting for data loss? These types of platforms have clusters across the world for a resilient infrastructure, however this is not considered a true backup solution.

If data is lost or deleted in these applications due to human error, your company is held responsible. Should you need the assistance of a SaaS vendor to restore data, you could encounter some substantial fees. We protect your data to ensure redundancy by implementing cloud-to-cloud backups for your most pertinent data, including emails.

Benefits include:

  • Backups and recoveries are quicker and easier to perform
  • Data backed to another cloud is easily accessible
  • No impact on workflow
  • Access to deleted or lost data due to human error
  • Immunity against most ransomware attacks since the backups don’t live on your network

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