The construction industry is quickly adapting to innovative technologies that result in enhanced efficiencies and more profitability. With a strong reliance on software applications to streamline operations and project management along with the need to collaborate with clients and colleagues, developing an IT strategy is paramount. The TNS Group understands the construction industry and will ensure that you are focusing on the right solutions for your business.

Why construction firms are choosing aN MSP

The TNS Group works collaboratively with you to clearly understand and define your business challenges and objectives. Our IT Consulting and Managed Security divisions provide the roadmap necessary to develop efficiencies within your environment, establish internal best practices and effectively manage a diverse, mobile employee base all while keeping your data secure.


Why Companies Choose TNS

Construction companies have proprietary information that requires protecting, including big data, designs, materials pricing, profit/loss data and other highly confidential information that hackers find enticing. The landscape of the industry is changing with the swift adoption of mobile devices, increased need to access and share files outside of the network as well as the diverse mix of users in the workplace.

Establishing best practices around security is a priority.  The TNS Group understands your industry and will work in collaboration with you to clearly define your workflow, policies and business objectives.  We will deliver a customized solution that incorporates security best practices and solutions such as identity management, dark web monitoring, device policies and management and employee training to reduce risk and improve processes and operations overall.  If you want to utilize technology as an asset, contact The TNS Group today.

BYOD Policy

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is prevalent in the workplace. Given that mobile devices are inherently moving targets used outside of your organization’s protective walls, it is vital to put a firm-wide policy and best practices in place to limit the exposure to security risk.

Security Awareness Training

Simulating phishing attacks is an additional layer of security for your employees and is just as important as having anti-virus, anti-spam or a firewall. When you randomly phish your employees you are heightening their awareness to what they should look for in their inbox.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions have the ability to secure mobile devices by specifying password policies, enforcing encryption settings, selectively wiping corporate data, and streamlining the device set up. With an MDM layer, your endpoints and data are protected.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) provides an extra layer of protection by requiring two methods to verify your identity. These factors include something that you know (password) plus something you have (smartphone to approve authentication requests).


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