Healthcare organizations need to remain vigilant, securing patient and other sensitive information, systems, and records. With the digitization of Patient Health Information (PHI) combined with the need for patient data to be shared electronically, cybersecurity in healthcare facilities is more important than ever. When working with TNS, you have 24x7 support and can rely on the expertise of our engineering and security teams to maintain regulatory compliance, transform operations and manage technical deployments. In addition, you will have the added capacity to pivot amid a public health crisis to ensure that you can focus on the needs at hand.

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With so much patient data being shared electronically, cybersecurity in healthcare facilities is more important than ever. Working with The TNS Group to monitor and protect your environment 24/7 is one of the best ways to ensure patient information is safe.


Why We Make a Difference

Any healthcare facility understands the importance of HIPAA compliance. One violation and you could be charged serious fines and left with a tarnished reputation. The primary sources of healthcare breaches come from cyberattacks from outside of your organization and human error on the inside. With the increase in personal device use that could house PHI, cloud-based applications to enhance workflows and the need to securely share patient data, cybersecurity needs to be a priority.

Our goal is to provide the opportunity to leverage technology to its fullest while overcoming key challenges related to workflow changes, mobility and scalability. Our partnership is designed to create a tailored solution to meet the unique needs of your organization. With so much change in the world, you need a strong ally that offers the strength and ability to be ready for anything that comes up next.

24x7 Support

With around the clock proactive monitoring and maintenance of your environment, issues are resolved to maximize uptime. We provide 24x7 client service desk support to ensure that your systems are up and running and everyone can work effectively.


With so much patient data being shared electronically, cybersecurity in healthcare facilities is a priority. We provide solutions like security awareness training and device management, which can protect you from a PHI breach and avoid violating regulatory compliance.


A HIPAA violation could result in serious fines and leave you with a tarnished reputation. We can provide you with an internal HIPAA assessment, recommend remediation, continuously monitor the environment and collaborate with your organization on best practices.

The Cloud

Cloud services provide a single access point for doctors, technicians and administrative staff to collaborate. With the added benefit of no physical maintenance, we will ensure that you have the necessary storage and security and compliance requirements are met.


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