COVID-19 and the necessity of safe remote access has led to an increased awareness in network security and technology services overall. As a business owner, now more than ever, it’s extremely difficult to withstand a data breach. If you have been lucky enough to continue operating during this challenging time, it’s important to ensure your team can work efficiently without the risk of a cyberattack. Not every business is a large enterprise that can easily bounce back from a breach.  

COVID-19 Related Attacks

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According to Threatpost, digital attackers have ramped up their activity over Q1 2020 to the extent that they were sending approximately 1.5 million coronavirus-themed attack emails by the middle of April. Hackers have continued to turn their attention to remote workers since the onset of COVID-19. They prey on the fact that they may not be as diligent about security protocols as they are in the office. They are finding every location possible to penetrate so security isn’t an option now, it’s a necessity.

Additionally, you don’t have the benefit of consulting with your colleagues about a questionable email. Generally speaking your team members are one of your greatest threats because they are easily targeted. Working from home can bring distractions that do not exist in the workplace, which can take your focus away from potential phishing schemes. Now that your employees are home there is a greater chance of them clicking on something malicious and unintentionally causing a data breach.

Do you have a strong remote access plan? There are multiple directions you can go in and it’s important to be strategic so you can keep productivity at it’s normal level while ensuring your organization is protected.

Managed Security Through a Managed Service Provider

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So how do you make sure your team and organization are prepared for this challenging time? Managed Security Services like Mobile Device Management, Multi-Factor Authentication, and Security Awareness Training will ensure your organization is prepared for any targeted attacks and avoid breaches

Managed Security and Your MSP

Managed Security Services through a Managed Service Provider (MSP) offers professional IT services that include a large component of cybersecurity monitoring and management. An MSP takes care of your security so you can continue with business as usual. Considering the previously mentioned issues, an MSP will become an essential part of your business, if it is not already.

MSPs offer all different kinds of services and also recognize that one size doesn’t fit all. It is their job to make sure you have the correct protections without going over budget. You will never pay for something that isn’t servicing you in a productive way. Taking a layered approach to security allows you to incorporate cost effective solutions.

They operate as an extension of your business and at one flat monthly fee, you will save money. No more over-paying for an outside service to fix your issue in an untimely manner. You also eliminate the expenses you would have by creating an IT department for your organization. That’s multiple salaries you wouldn’t have to invest in.

Managed Security Services

Multi- Factor Authentication (MFA)

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Multi-Factor Authentication is a very popular endpoint security solution that confirms the identity of the user before they can access your company network. These factors include something that you know like username and password and something you have like a smartphone to approve authentication requests.

A real-world example that’s easy to understand is an ATM. It requires something that you have, which is your ATM/debit card, and something that you know, which would be your PIN number.

Our comprehensive security solution confirms the identity of users before accessing the network, monitors the health of devices, and isolates devices with risky applications or outdated firmware. Our security team effectively implements and manages MFA in many areas including SSL VPN logins, Citrix, Office 365, Web-Based Applications, and Windows desktops. In addition, we manage and develop granular policies that are tailored specifically to your business and security needs.

In today’s world, every organization needs IT to function. This makes it even more important to have the right MSP that understands your organization. This allows them to help choose the right applications for you and your team.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

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Mobile Device Management is another Managed Security solution that protects your endpoints. With the uptick in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and the necessity to use your own device at home, MDM is a necessity for all businesses.

MDM is effective by providing secure remote access to corporate applications and data from mobile workspaces, including mobile devices, laptops and PCs.  Along with safer remote access, MDM keeps your organization’s data protected and ensures that you retain control over confidential information. This platform provides access control, application management and multi-platform endpoint management. This helps if a mobile device is lost or stolen.

Additionally, with MDM you have the ability to remotely lock and wipe all data. That way your data is secure in the event that a team member loses their device somewhere. It also protects your company from the ongoing threats of malware and data breaches by blocking unsafe websites and material from use. It’s almost impossible to police what sites your team members are surfing so let your Managed Service Provider (MSP) do it for you.

Mobile application management can also be implemented to control access to company data based on what mobile apps are on your phone, what apps aren’t, and what apps you as a business want to permit your employees to access and use. A managed security MDM solution ensures mobile security and takes that weight off your shoulders, so you’re not concerned about cybersecurity when you have other things to focus on.

Security Awareness Training

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As mentioned earlier your team members are your organization’s biggest vulnerability when it comes to data breaches. One of the best ways to avoid this kind of attack is through education. Keeping your team on their toes prevents them from clicking on malicious links or downloading files that contain some kind of ransomware

There are many different kinds of attacks and they’re developing everyday. That being said, education can sometimes be what ends up saving you from a cyberattack.

Security Awareness Training educates your team on valid and invalid emails via phish testing. This entails sending fake phishing emails to members of your organization. If the target ends up clicking on something malicious they are then sent to a custom landing page. 

The landing page educates the team member on why they shouldn’t have taken the particular action that they did. Team members who fall for the emails will continue to be phish tested until they stop clicking the links.

Security Awareness Training is an important layer of cybersecurity and your MSP will make sure your team is prepared for any kind of cyberattack, no matter how complex.

Cloud Migration and Secure Remote Access

Finally, a very simple way to protect your organization while your entire team works from home is migrating to a cloud service like Office 365 or G Suite. Although different platforms in their own ways, they will allow your team to securely access the network with nothing but an internet connection.

A Managed Service Provider will also ensure that you have the right platform. These two platforms are so different, so it’s important to take your organization’s requirements into consideration. With an MSP you will never end spending too much money on a plan that won’t work for you.

If you’d like to learn more about Managed Security and how an MSP can protect your business from on-going threats contact The TNS Group today for more information.

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