Our Mission Is Your Mission

We understand the unique requirements that nonprofit organizations have as it relates to furthering their mission. In light of COVID-19, nonprofits of all sizes are facing challenges due to economic issues and continued demand to deliver services to those who benefit. Through our experience, we understand your purpose and will work with you to leverage technology to achieve your goals and initiatives.

Strategic Planning and IT Budgeting

Efficient budgeting is essential for any nonprofit organization, regardless of its size. The right business investments in technology can determine whether your employees are productive, workflow is effective and the health and security of your environment are managed.

Our proactive reporting outlines recommended technology changes and enhancements before a new fiscal year, so you can actively seek funding and budget for your IT needs. We work diligently to optimize your existing infrastructure and help build a roadmap to enhance your environment so you can safely navigate change.

Your staff, volunteers, donors and members are the foundation of your organization and it is critical to protect their sensitive information. With the combination of risk management, data security, employee training and proactive monitoring and maintenance of systems, we keep your information safe and your organization in compliance. Our team provides guidance along the way so you can become more efficient and impactful in today’s world.

IT Consulting

Nonprofit organizations are all unique in nature and require a customized solution to include consulting services to meet their business and technical needs. We prioritize your needs over multiple years and revisit with you on a quarterly or annual basis so you can act strategically and budget accordingly.

Infrastructure Optimization

Your infrastructure and applications are main drivers for your organization. Whether on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment, systems must be optimized, monitored and managed. We take a deep dive into your business landscape to maximize efficiency and profitability overall.

Security Awareness Training

Simulating phishing attacks is an additional layer of security for your employees and is just as important as having anti-virus, anti-spam or a firewall. When you randomly phish your employees and provide ongong training you are heightening their awareness to what they should look for in their inbox.

Risk Management

Our Risk Management offerings are designed to take a proactive stance against threats to protect your data. From combing the Dark Web to identifying sensitive information which may have been exploited to assessing the strength of your perimeter security, we’ve got you covered.

Your Dedicated Partner for IT

With two decades of direct experience working with nonprofit organizations, we can provide flexible technology solutions tailored to your distinct needs. Contact The TNS Group today.