In the rapidly-evolving world of technology, today’s cutting-edge devices could be rendered obsolete in just a few years—and you may have already purchased yours! Before that happens, though, you would probably have upgraded to the newest version of the device, which will need to be upgraded again in a few years, and so on. This phenomenon echoes in different areas of our lives, and those who keep up with the latest fashions and trends might especially relate.

Reactive or Proactive, Which One Are You?

Most firms do not approach their business technology and network infrastructure with a proactive strategy, which is not ideal given how quickly technology grows. Agile organizations beg to differ; they plan for when new technologies will be released and implement them accordingly. They understand that being proactive will keep them ahead of the curve and poised to provide added value to their consumers. By the time the rest of the industry learns about these innovations, they will already have them up and running in their system.

In practice, however, most small to medium-sized organizations choose a reactive strategy. Many businesses address issues only after they become chronic rather than before they become a problem. They may find a solution, but it does not put them at an advantage over the competition. Cybersecurity, for instance, is only an afterthought until a data breach or a failed attempt occurs. Hardware and software updates are generally late or only done when necessary due to time, budget, or logistics restrictions.

Is It Possible to Stay On Top of Technology?

Most of your competitors know that technology is a powerful enabler for business growth, and they stay on top of software and hardware trends to be relevant in today’s market. However, keeping up with business technology can be exhausting and time-consuming, not to mention expensive.

Consider the thousands of dollars you’d have to allocate every few years on new hardware. Think about how much time your employees would spend updating the company’s software regularly, followed by more time learning how to use the new versions. What about businesses that lack the financial resources to keep up with the updates? Despite these obstacles, you must endeavor to keep up with technology and continuously work toward business growth and success.

The Key Is Finding a Dependable MSP!

Yes! Thankfully, there’s a solution—hire an IT Services Company that you can trust. A reputable Managed Service Provider (MSP) like The TNS Group can help businesses run their IT infrastructure more effectively and efficiently.

One of the many things TNS can do for your company is to take a proactive approach to technology maintenance. You won’t have to worry about staying on top of new updates or keeping an eye on your system for indicators of trouble. Our skilled IT engineers and support specialists will continuously monitor your technology and network infrastructure and address any hiccups before they become big headaches.

Let’s look at some of the more notable advantages that utilizing a proactive approach to your corporate technology can provide.

More Efficient Performance

Up-to-date technology has become an invaluable asset to any company in today’s business environment. By integrating shared applications and automating business processes, you can dramatically improve your organization’s overall performance. The right technology can vastly improve your employees' productivity, collaboration, and engagement company-wide.

Enhanced Cybersecurity

The tools and techniques used by cybercriminals are evolving as fast as (if not faster than) corporate technology. Being proactive, TNS provides best-in-class layered cybersecurity solutions to protect your business against threats. We find weak spots in your system and strengthen them to keep your data safe and allow for speedy recovery in the event of an attack.

Little to No Downtime

When your system fails unexpectedly, the entire organization could endure significant downtime as your in-house IT staff tries to get the system back online. Business operations will essentially halt at this time, and you will most certainly lose a significant amount of money in lost sales or reduced profit, lost productivity, and repair costs.

At TNS, we regularly perform preventive maintenance and system updates scheduled around your business hours to reduce the impact on your operations. We constantly monitor your company’s network, keep tabs on how the servers are running, and ensure proper anti-malware and anti-virus programs are installed. Not every concern can be handled on the front side; that’s why we have skilled IT specialists and engineers who are accessible to address any unexpected issues.

Final Thoughts

Staying current with technology relevant to your organization takes time, effort, and money. Fortunately, it becomes easier and more cost-effective if you partner with the right MSP. If you have doubts about whether your current provider is giving you the best options, use these audit questions from our previous blog post to verify their performance.

Call us today if you’re not happy with what you’re getting from your current IT provider. At TNS, you get to choose the kind of services you pay for according to what suits your business needs and your budget. Let’s discuss how to future-proof your business technology so you can stay ahead of the competition.

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