Bad actors are doing everything they can to slip through the cracks of your organization’s email “IQ.” TNS offers varying levels of Security Awareness Training ranging from letting you know where your organization’s exposures are to acting as an intermediary if users click on the wrong thing.

To protect your organization against these emerging threats, you need to move to a managed security solution that incorporates Multi-Factor Authentication and Identity Proofing, Password Management and Directory-as-a-Service.

Let’s Go Phishing

You’re only as safe as your most vulnerable employee. We’ve all done it...Opened or clicked on an email or link that we shouldn’t have thereby subjecting risk to the whole organization! Through “simulated” vulnerabilities, let us help increase your employee’s awareness.

Educate Your Employees

Your employees will have access to a wide-range of security awareness training content. If an employee falls for the phishing attempt, train them again. It is much safer to have them fall for the test than the real thing.

Want a Second Chance?

Still don’t have 100% compliance? Under suspect circumstances, our secure “safety net” will allow your employees a second chance to confirm that they want to proceed with the click before allowing them to do so.

Security Awareness Training Benefits:

  • Empower Employees Through Education and Training
  • Improved Security, Privacy and Compliance
  • Increased Threat Activity Reporting
  • Reduction in Fraudulent Activity
  • Maintain a United Front Against Hackers
  • Access to a Team of Security Specialists 24/7

Your Partner in Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation

From vulnerability and gap assessments to strategic IT budget planning and advanced threat remediation, our certified cybersecurity professionals deliver solutions you can trust.