How to Maximize Technology

Work with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to incorporate cloud-based solutions and new technologies to keep your data secure and enhance your workflow and operations. It’s like having a fully staffed, highly trained IT department on call tailored to your business needs, so you have the ability to innovate, increase ROI and maintain security and compliance.

Email Workflow

Ships need to get out on time and on schedule, and workflow efficiencies can make or break this. There is a myriad of software solutions that support the various demands of different client workflows without reliance on email.

Email Spoofing

A spoofed email gives a hacker access to your mailbox and sending emails to recipients using your own mail servers. We can help you avoid downtime and financial loss and train your team to stay aware of phishing and spoofing signs.

Environmental Regulations

As of 2020, the shipping industry is now required to stay under a specific amount of pollutants. As an MSP, we can put systems in place that ensure you're always within regulation. Don't lose money due to a lack of ability to monitor your pollutant output.

Worldwide Sanctions

Sanctions are important because they protect the shipping industry from illegal activity like smuggling. We can help keep you remain compliant by implementing operational policies, procedures, standards of conduct, and safeguards.

Benefits of Working With an MSP

  • Improve Response Times
  • Business Efficiency Through Cost Savings and Predictability
  • Avoid Capital Costs for Upgrades
  • Drive Business Efficiencies and Maximize ROI
  • Safeguard Against Malware, Hackers, and Cyberattacks
  • Incorporate Scalability and Flexibility to Adjust to Organizational Change
  • Adaptability to Growth with Agility and Speed
  • Maximum Security, Uptime, Regulatory Compliance and your Bottom Line

Take a Step in the Right Direction

Partner with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that understands the Maritime Shipping Industry. Contact The TNS Group today to capitalize on new technologies and the expertise of our team to surpass your company objectives.