Our Goal for Distribution Companies

To support wholesale distribution companies by leveraging technology to respond to consumer demands and maximize efficiency across the organization. As customer expectations continue to grow, embracing new technologies and cybersecurity will be ongoing and we will guide you every step of the way.

Managed IT Services

Distribution has a great reliance on robust systems and machines and high-function applications. Working with The TNS Group is like having a fully staffed, highly trained IT department on call that proactively monitors, protects and manages your entire IT environment.

IT Consulting

Technology is a driver for profitability and productivity and must be planned and budgeted for. Through our consulting services, we provide the guidance necessary to enhance security, develop efficiencies within your environment and establish internal best practices.


Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions have the ability to secure mobile devices by specifying password policies, enforcing encryption settings, selectively wiping corporate data, and streamlining the device set up. With an MDM layer, your endpoints and data are protected.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security safeguards your business network when accessed remotely by end users. Employees and their devices are the primary way cybercriminals slip into your network undetected. Protecting your endpoints is an essential part of your IT planning.

Benefits of Working With an MSP

  • Improve Response Times
  • Business Efficiency Through Cost Savings and Predictability
  • Avoid Capital Costs for Upgrades
  • Drive Business Efficiencies and Maximize ROI
  • Safeguard Against Malware, Hackers, and Cyberattack
  • Incorporate Scalability and Flexibility to Adjust to Organizational Change
  • Adaptability to Growth with Agility and Speed
  • Maximum Security, Uptime, Regulatory Compliance and your Bottom Line

Choose Your IT Solutions Partner Wisely

It’s time to work with a team of experts that has decades of experience solving the IT challenges of many wholesale distribution companies. Contact The TNS Group today to get started.