Risk Management
Lower your Cyber Insurance premiums through our Risk Management strategies
Risk Management
Lower your Cyber Insurance premiums through our Risk Management strategies

Our Risk Management portfolio is designed to take a proactive stance against threats.  From combing the Dark Web to identify sensitive information which may have been exploited to assessing the strength of your perimeter security, we’ve got you covered.  Our products are not only designed to tell you where you stand currently now, but where you need to be whether or not you are bound by compliance regulations.

Advanced Environment Protection

Through our advanced toolset and our staffed 24x7x365 Security Operations Center (SOC), real-time automated remediation stands ready and waiting to protect your environment by identifying threats. Don’t let your other investments in security remain static and allow us to continue to monitor your environment so you and your users can remain confident in being protected.

Our highest level of protection combines our staffed Security Operations Center (SOC) with artificial intelligence and machine learning for automated and advanced 24x7 breach detection.


No matter what type of compliance you are bound to, TNS can help. Our Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) offering can help you ensure that you are meeting all the compliance requirements so your business is not at risk.

Cyber Insurance

Today, virtually any business that uses technology faces cyber risk. For many, cyber insurance can be daunting. TNS will work in collaboration with you to assess your prospective or current policy to ensure that it meets your business needs and the costs are in alignment.

Email & Credential Compromise

Guard against identity theft by allowing us to monitor the Dark Web for compromised or stolen employee or organizational information.

Penetration Testing

It's one thing to know where your potential vulnerabilities are. It’s another to try to exploit those vulnerabilities in an ethical manner to simulate what bad actors might do.

Risk Assessment

Point in time risk management is inadequate and true protection is only as good as the degree to which you stay on top of it. Let our experts assist you with the automation and standardization of risk assessments so you can remain proactive and minimize having to react to threats AFTER they have happened.

Security Risk Assessment

Which computers within your environment are at risk? By using our tools we can identify specifically which machines represent weak points and potential points of entry for bad actors. Remember, you’re only as good as your weakest link!

Third Party Application Patching

Got third party apps? We've got you covered! Don't make the mistake of assuming all of your applications are being patched to address security vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Assessment

Want to know where your potential exposures are? Our comprehensive assessment covers a wide variety of categories across your entire network.


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