We are living in a world where cyberattacks are happening on a daily basis and constantly evolving at lightning speed. Total Guard is our comprehensive managed security solution to protect businesses from these threats and implement best practices and policies as a priority.

Data Security

Patching, firmware upgrades, anti-virus, anti-malware, and email security are merely “permission to play” and are not enough to protect your data. Your data center and office systems need REAL TIME protection and your remote workforce deserves superior protection as they are inherently more vulnerable. Those remote systems contain important company data that you want to protect. Let us help you protect yourself!

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Identity Management

Bad actors are stealing your identity through various means. Passwords are no longer enough to ensure secure access to systems and supplementing traditional password access with an additional layer of security has proven to be very effective defense against identity theft. This can be provided in various form factors to make it as seamless as possible for your users to strike a balance between convenience and protection.

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Risk Management

Our Risk Management portfolio is designed to take a proactive stance against threats. From combing the Dark Web to identifying sensitive information which may have been exploited to assessing the strength of your perimeter security, we’ve got your covered. Our products are not only designed to tell you where you stand currently, but where you need to be whether or not you are bound by compliance regulations.

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Security Awareness Training

Phishing attacks are steadily on the rise and your employees are your biggest vulnerability when it comes to data loss. Security Awareness Training will provide the education needed to empower them against social engineering schemes and all forms of malware.

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Continuous Vulnerability Assessment

Through our advanced toolset and our staffed 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC), real-time automated remediation stands ready and waiting to protect your environment by identifying threats. Don’t let your other investments in security remain static and allow us to continue to monitor your environment so you and your users can remain confident in being protected.

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Your Partner in Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation

From vulnerability and gap assessments to strategic IT budget planning and advanced threat remediation, our certified cybersecurity professionals deliver solutions you can trust.