Patching, firmware upgrades, anti-virus, anti-malware, and email security are merely “permission to play” and are not enough to protect your data. Your data center and office systems need REAL TIME protection and your remote workforce deserves superior protection as they are inherently more vulnerable. Those remote systems contain important company data that you want to protect. Let us help you protect yourself!

Advanced Endpoint Protection

While anti-virus, anti-malware, and endpoint detection provide good baseline protection, they are often not enough to deal with the threats that are out there. Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection provides a sophisticated additional layer of protection that can stop attacks in real time!

DNS Protection

Protecting your Domain Name Services are critical in preventing attacks such as Denial of Service (DOS) and others. Let us help protect your systems BEFORE threats get inside your network.

DOD Level Wiping & Certification

Deleting your data is not enough! In reality, though you can’t see it, your data is still there and only “marked” for deletion. Truly wipe your data with our Department of Defense (DOD) level process which comes complete with a certificate to certify that all national and international standards have been met.

Email Security

Protect your sensitive information against data loss with our advanced cloud-based email security solutions.

Hard Disk Destruction

Need to dispose of old devices that contain data? We’ve got your back and can coordinate the proper decommissioning of your end-of-life media.

Hard Drive Encryption

Just because your data is stored on your system doesn’t mean people can’t read it. Our Hard Drive Encryption solution will ensure that only YOU have access to your data.

Hardened O365

It’s one thing to use Office 365. It’s another to ensure that your Office 365 environment is configured in a way that is SECURE. We’ll make sure that, by the time your users are sending and receiving email, this can be done in the most secure manner.

Maintain Syslog & Log Retention

Need a full audit history across multiple platforms? Our logging solution will allow you to meet any compliance and auditing requirements by aggregating and storing device data history REGARDLESS of the type of device.

Mobile Device Management

Ever think about the risks of having company data on remote devices whether they be laptops or smart phones? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our Mobile Device Management solution that can provide you with granular protection that YOU decide.

Perimeter Protection

Prior to you even trusting us with your business, TNS will provision a world-class firewall for best-in-breed perimeter protection. This way, we can ensure that you are protected at a level of what WE would consider secure. That’s what you’re relying on us for!

Server Auditing/e-Discovery

Our server auditing solution can report against a number of characteristics to determine if systems resources are being allocated as intended and what risks may lie beneath the surface.

Data Security Benefits:

  • Effective Management and Protection of Data Under All Circumstances
  • Maintain Regulatory Compliance
  • Keep Your Sensitive Information Out of the Hands of Hackers
  • Enhance Security When Working Remotely
  • Maintain Your Integrity and Reputation in the Marketplace
  • Access to a Team of Security Specialists 24/7

Your Partner in Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation

From vulnerability and gap assessments to strategic IT budget planning and advanced threat remediation, our certified cybersecurity professionals deliver solutions you can trust.