We hope you're getting through COVID-19 quarantine as best you can. Staying safe and healthy is more important than ever right now. Whether you're working around family or roommates, we hope your remote access is working out successfully.

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Client Spotlight: REACH Prep

What is your favorite thing about helping students and/or why did you initially get involved in education?

My academic and professional pursuits have led me to equity and justice work. It has always been clear to me that access to an excellent education is one of the most powerful tools for breaking the barriers of inequality for underserved and marginalized populations. REACH Prep is an organization founded on the belief that underserved students deserve the opportunity to attain a great education.

How long have you worked for REACH Prep and how have you seen the organization and the impact of the organization change over time?

I have been at REACH Prep for over 13 years and have the privilege of working with a team of exceptional professionals. We are committed to opening doors and creating opportunities for our students to thrive and become the next generation of leaders by providing tailored support throughout a student's twelve years with us, from 5th grade through college graduation. Celebrating the organizations 25th Anniversary this year has allowed us to reflect on how far we have come in not only adapting to the changing landscape of education, but perhaps most importantly, to meeting the evolving needs of our students. I am incredibly proud to be part of this small and dynamic team that serves over 250 students and their families each year.

How do you feel your team has handled the transition to working from home?

Our program supports students from the Bronx, Westchester, and Fairfield counties. Over the last few years, to adjust to the geographical distance of our students, we have incorporated technology and remote learning systems into our academic programs, group meetings and overall communication strategies. The technology we have already put into place has provided a solid foundation for this transition to working remotely, however, our team has had to learn and adopt several new tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom which have now become essential tools in collaborating with one another. We have also shifted to hosting all of our programming and meetings with our students and families virtually over the last two months. The support of the entire TNS team has been critical to allow for this transition, troubleshooting and strategic planning, and we could not have done it alone. We are so grateful for our ongoing partnership with TNS.

How have you kept your company culture going during this time of social distancing?

We definitely miss being able to connect with one another in person at the water cooler or over lunch! However, we have used chat, call and video capabilities to stay connected, and we have shifted to host our staff meetings on Zoom so that we can all see each other and hear from one another weekly. To stay connected in a more casual and personal way we host "Happy 15s", 15 minute check-ins to catch up and chat, and share time with kids, pets, or other family members. We are all grateful to have one another.

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