As 2018 comes to a close, it is important to be thankful for all we have. Take time to reflect on the moments that changed you this year, good or bad. Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t get through your entire 2018 bucket list. Instead of dwelling on what you have yet to accomplish, be thankful what you have accomplished and start setting new goals for 2019!

But most importantly, make time for friends and family and enjoy the spirit of the holidays!

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Featured Solution: Managed IT Security

Solution Spotlight: Managed IT Security

It stands to reason that Security should be in the forefront of every Business/Process Owner that is concerned about emerging Cyber Security threats.  Attack vectors are being designed and implemented everywhere, and from any and every one, to create a complex and confusing landscape.

In today’s world, it is not a matter of IF your company is breached, it is a matter of WHEN.  You may have noticed a rise in phishing emails within your organization. They are pervasive and are becoming so refined that it is hard to tell the difference.

Your data is simply one click away from being breached…  It is not limited to emails as scammers are constantly incorporating malware into social media outlets and have even moved to text-based phishing vectors via your cell phone in the form of “smishing” and “vishing”. These attack vectors may be tangible to your company and employees if they have infiltrated your environment, but what about those attacks that you can’t see?

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Meet Our Newest Team Member!

Alex Kalbfell is the newest member of the engineering team at TNS. Prior to coming on board, he spent the last ten years at a private investment firm.

His career grew with the company; he started off providing desktop support to over 35 employees and moved up to the role of senior engineer. After his firm closed down he spent some time consulting, but ultimately chose a team environment.

Alex brings a broad-based knowledge of technology and engineering skills and appreciates working with people that love IT as much as he does. He enjoys the “family-feel” that TNS provides and looks forward to working collaboratively with the team and our clients.

Outside of the office, he enjoys keeping up with an energetic 2-year old. Prior to becoming a father, he was an avid bike rider, participating in numerous races. He has since hung up his racing gear and opted for something less dangerous so he could focus more on family.

In his free time, you may find him listening to Eric Church or reading books by Chuck Klosterman, who looks at things in an extremely analytical and humorous manner that he finds fascinating.

A good deli sandwich with Boar’s Head cold cuts hits the mark. His grandfather would be his dinner companion of choice and his dream destination is the moon, but will take London in the meantime.

Words to Live By: “Work smarter, not harder”

Welcome to the team!

December Reads

The 9th Annual Streetwise Partners Raising the Ante Poker Tournament

The tournament raised $360,000 towards the life-changing Streetwise mentorship program, and our team member Kevin Mackay placed 3rd out of over 200 players! What a great event and cause!


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