The summer season is coming to an end and soon we will be heading into fall. A new work year will be starting and with that brings the excitement of new opportunities on the work front.  The summer crowds have dissipated, cooler temperatures are on their way and the city is back to bustling. We hope that you are spending your last days of summer enjoying yourself with loved ones. Don’t be afraid to do something adventurous to end this season on a memorable note.

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This month we are here to tell you to lock your devices, even if you know you’ll only be stepping away for a few moments. Leaving devices unlocked puts your personal information and the sensitive data of your company at risk. A few tricks to help keep your data protected are Auto Screen Lock, Keyboard Shortcuts, and Dynamic Lock Feature. Click here for some more helpful information on how to implement these features on your devices.

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Solution Spotlight: Managed IT Security

In today’s world, it is not a matter of IF your company is breached, it is a matter of WHEN. You may have noticed a rise in phishing emails within your organization. They are pervasive and are becoming so refined that it is hard to tell the difference.Your data is simply one click away from being breached.  It is not limited to emails as scammers are constantly incorporating malware into social media outlets and have even moved to text-based phishing vectors via your cell phone in the form of “smishing” and “vishing”. These attack vectors may be tangible to your company and employees if they have infiltrated your environment, but what about those attacks that you can’t see?

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Meet the Newest Members of Our Team!

Meet Ioannis and Jordan!

Ioannis (Yanni) is our newest Sales Administrative Associate. He just moved to Connecticut from Boston where he worked behind the camera in the TV Production and News Industry. When Yanni isn’t binging a new show on Netflix you can find him playing sports or writing poetry. He is really looking forward to being a part of the positive company culture at TNS, which is what drew him to the company in the first place. A fun fact about Yanni is that he also used to work as a vendor at Fenway Park for 8 years. Welcome to Connecticut Yanni!

Jordan is our newest PC Build Technician. He has a military background and most recently served as a Tech Control Facility Operator in the United States Army. The Managed Service Provider (MSP) factor is what attracted him to TNS. He felt that working for an MSP would provide more opportunities to learn, grow and broaden his skills in the technology world.  He enjoys playing video games and spending time with his girlfriend when he is not in front of the TV during  basketball season. A fun fact about Jordan is that he has lived in ten states across the US and he hopes that Connecticut will be the last. Thank you for your service Jordan!

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