November is upon us and you know what that means, the holidays are coming. Things can get hectic during the upcoming months so we urge you to stop and smell the roses, or the pumpkin pie in this case. What are you grateful for this season? Whether it’s family, positive memories, or personal success, now is the time to celebrate all the good you’ve experienced this past year.

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Happy Thanksgiving!
Tip of the Month...

Use caution during email correspondence. If you receive an email that includes an offer that seems too good to be true, it probably is. One form of phishing involves sending an email that appears almost identical to a legitimate source. Due to the fact that the recipients trust these sources, they end up clicking on malicious links resulting in a phishing attack. Learn more about what signs to look for to determine if an email is legitimate.

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Featured Solution: Phishing Emails are on the Rise

The rise of phishing and spoofing schemes continues in 2019 and it is important to keep your employees informed. These types of attacks are getting more sophisticated and it is important to know what to look for, as outlined below.

To take it a step further, Security Awareness Training provides an additional layer of security for your employees by simulating these types of attacks and is just as important as having anti-virus, anti-spam or a firewall. This Managed Security best practice enables you to guard against your last line of defense, your end users.

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The Client Service Desk Has A New Team Member!
Please Welcome Neethu!

Neethu is the newest member of our client service desk team. She was born in India but grew up in Maryland, and comes to TNS with an IT background. She enjoys the industry because it’s fast-paced and there’s always room for learning, improvement, and growth. Before coming to TNS, Neethu was part of a two-person internal IT team and decided to make a change. Her desire to be part of a larger team is what drew her to TNS. On the weekends Neethu enjoys traveling, road trips, and pretty much anything involving the outdoors. When she’s not outside, you can also find her writing short stories. Welcome to the team Neethu!

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October was Cybersecurity Month!

Here are highlights from our tip series we shared on social media.

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