It’s okay to admit that the COVID-19 quarantine hasn’t been the easiest. There are limited locations to go to and you’re stuck working around your family or roommates. Although this kind of situation may be bringing you down there are so many ways to distract your brain and enjoy this time of social distancing. It’s important that we all stick together.

Whether it’s your roommate, friends or family,  you're probably around the same people all the time, it never hurts to bond over a board or card game or even a movie you all enjoy. Take advantage of this time with loved ones.

Along with that, it’s a perfect opportunity to work on yourself. Have you been thinking about cleaning out your attic or a storage room in your home? Take a few hours every weekend to work on it. You’ll feel accomplished and  refreshed when  you’re finished. 

Have you been trying to exercise for months but always feel like you never have the  time? Now you do! Even if you start with a short walk around the block, this new reality has allowed for people to have more time to care for and work on themselves. 

Here at TNS we have a great team full of people with a wide range of hobbies and quarantine activities. Here are some tips and suggestions to help  with your extended time alone.

Streaming Services  

Embracing Change 1

Netflix Hulu, and HBO GO. We all watch them. But what are the best things to watch? There are so many  different options and making a decision is always harder than you'll think it'll be.

Some of our team members have created a list of viewing suggestions to help you enjoy your time in quarantine. 


  • Tiger King: this has stormed the nation and you will not regret viewing it
  • Middleditch and Schwartz: Completely improvised comedy specials : If you want to laugh and are a fan of Jean Ralfeo from Parks and Rec
  • Borderlands 3: If you’d like some drama 
  • Schitt’s Creek: If you want to laugh your pants off

For all you chef’s out there

  • Great British Baking Show
  • Final Table
  • Ugly Delicious

Old Reliable

  • The Office
  • Parks and Rec
  • Stranger Things


  • 30 Rock : Comedy
  • X Files : Sci-fi
  • Family Matters : Family Sitcom
  • Mrs. America : Historical Drama

For Horror Fans

We also happen to have a horror movie  expert on our team. Dan has shared his top 3 favorite horror films for all you scary  movie buffs out  there. 

  1. Evil Dead
  2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  3. It Follows (you can find this on Hulu)

Other Hobbies 

It’s also nice to get off the couch for a weekend. We have a lot of other hobbies and  activity suggestion that may ease some of your stir craziness

Animal Fostering or Adoption

One of our team members Maryne, decided to take on some adorable new pets. Maryne’s been taking care of her new chicks and ducks with her two children and husband. This is a great way to bring your family together. 

Additionally, there are many animal shelters that allow for fostering of a cat or dog during the COVID-19 crisis. This is great because there is more potential for these animals to ultimately get adopted. If you’re an animal lover we highly suggest looking into shelters near you. 

Beer Brewing

We also have a beer brewer on our team. Zach particularly enjoys brewing  stouts. He enjoys this activity because he didn’t realize how easy it could be  until he learned. It’s the perfect undertaking for anyone who loves beer and wants to learn how it's made. There are affordable starter kits online to get you going as well. 


It seems like a lot of our team members are taking  advantage of this free time to work out. Whether you’re on your  treadmill at home, or just walking around  the neighborhood, this is great for your physical health.

If you’re feeling down, a nice run will release endorphins and keep your energy up when you’re feeling down. Being cooped up all day can be a little depressing. Getting out of your home-office to get your body moving is a great way to keep your spirits high. 


Erin and Dean are our two team musicians. Erin, plays ukulele and fools around with the guitar. During quarantine, she’s been jamming and writing music a lot with her brother. Whether it's music or another form of art, this time is a great opportunity to tap into your creative side. 

There’s nothing better than a nice song to warm your heart. 

Additionally, there’s a really good chance a musician you enjoy is holding a virtual concert. A lot of artists like The Killers, Post Malone with Travis Barker and Taylor Swift have shared their talents through a live video feed. All performances.have been done to raise money for Covid-19 as well.

Whatever activity it might be, we hope you’re taking some of  this quarantine time to focus on yourself. You deserve it. 

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you with your IT Services during  this time of social distancing, contact us today.

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