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Meet Our New Team Member: Russel Raykin

Welcome, Russel!

Russel is a new addition to our Client Service Team and has enjoyed his time at TNS so far, “I enjoy working with everyone- feels like family!”

Russel comes to TNS from a diverse background that includes working in the fashion, financial, education and architectural industries.

Russel was born in Belarus and came to the United States with his family when he was 7 years old. Lately, Russel spends most of his free time adoring his new born son Dylon! But when he’s not spending time with his family he can be found customizing headlights for luxury cars.

Russel loves cars so much he runs multiple Instagram accounts dedicated to cars. These accounts have an impressive following of over 40,000! (Follow him @Go2Customs)

Russel’s favorite quote is “We all have our own sources of motivation that spur us on to work that little bit harder and achieve that little bit more…” Because he believes in life we all have our motivations or motivators that makes us strive to do better everyday.

It’s no surprise that Russel’s favorite movie is Fast & Furious, however in his version he would be blasting Frank Sinatra during the race. Russel’s hidden talent is being able to tell what’s wrong with a car just by listening to it, and if he had a superpower he would ditch his cars and fly!

Russel enjoys vacationing in Mexico and hopes to one day make it to Japan.

Welcome Russel, we are excited to have you on board!

Featured Solution: Identity and Access Management

Solution Spotlight: Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management TNSSecurity is a concern for business owners everywhere, especially with the rise of mobility, telecommuting, and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the workplace. BYOD is a firm’s policy of allowing employees to bring their own mobile devices (phone, tablets, laptops and wearables) to work to use with company systems, software, network and information.

This practice has become an inevitable reality that employers and employees are embracing. But, it also doubles the number of devices within an organization that require support.

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