Top 9 Ways an MSP can Increase Profitability

If you are not outsourcing your IT needs to an IT Managed Services Provider (MSP), odds are that you are working on a “break/fix” IT model, where proactivity is non-existent and the waiting game to get things fixed begins.  If this is the case, you are probably experiencing unnecessary downtime, stress, and a loss of productivity, which can negatively affect your bottom line.

What is an MSP? 

To put it in Lehman’s terms, it is like having a fully staffed, highly trained IT department on call – a department that proactively monitors, protects and manages your entire IT environment for one monthly cost.  Their focus is on creating a solution that is customized to meet your business needs.

Below are the top 4 of 9 (Part 1 of 2) reasons why you should work with an MSP to make your business more profitable and further your mission.

Invest Back in Your Own Business

Working with an MSP can result in cost savings and provides you the ability to effectively plan your IT spend.  Wouldn’t it be nice to reduce your current IT budget and allocate those dollars to other areas of your business, such as Sales, Marketing, Training, or Product Development to make more money for your company?  Invest back in what you do.  Why spend more, when you can spend less and receive a higher level of IT service?

Time Management

With fully automated systems and a more organized environment, you now have the ability to manage your time more efficiently.  Gone are the days of losing time to stress and waiting for your IT person to arrive to “save the day.”  When employees can focus on the job at hand, they can better serve your customers and/or complete tasks at hand timely.

If systems are not functioning, it leads to a level of frustration, for your employees, that can be transferred, unknowingly, to your customers/clients through a simple phone conversation.  That can negatively impact relationships going forward.  An IT Managed Service Provider will make sure your systems are always up and running and will proactively fix problems that you may never know about.  The end game is to keep your customers and clients happy while keeping your business profitable.

Focus on What Drives You

Working with an MSP provides confidence in your technology.  By proactively monitoring your systems at a fixed monthly cost, you can finally sleep through the night, without any worry.  Rather than focusing on what might “happen next” to negatively impact your operations, you can now focus on what drives you - your core business.  Your costs are controlled, your infrastructure is sound, and technology is now a business asset and your number one ally.

Build a Fortress around your Business

Is your firewall still under support?  When was the last time you changed your passwords or had an understanding of what makes a good password?  Anti-virus up to date?  Shall I continue?  There are a lot of moving parts in your IT environment that hackers can penetrate.  Although a security breach cannot be guaranteed, it is important to make it as difficult as possible for hackers to get in.

When working with an MSP, your software, including malware, anti-virus and anti-spam for end users is automatically updated.  This eliminates the need for each employee to manage their own and/or the need for a designated staff member to run to each workstation, taking employees offline and installing upgrades.  These types of disruptions reduce an employees’ focus on their task at hand. 

Reputable IT Managed Service Providers make sure that security and data recovery solutions are put in place.  This ensures that sensitive data and technical assets are monitored and updates and patches to your firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-malware solutions are applied. 

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