MDM Solutions to Protect Your Data

The use of personal devices in the workplace has now become standard. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies at work have increased efficiency and decreased spending. Most employees feel more comfortable and confident working on their own phones and tablets for efficiency purposes. Although these are great benefits for any organization, ultimately this kind of policy increases your risk of a data breach. This is due to the fact that BYOD gives your team members access to sensitive company data at all times. Not just when they’re at work.

Is cybersecurity a priority in your organization? According to a new study by Verizon that surveyed 671 professionals in charge of mobile device procurement and management in their organizations, one in three organizations admitted to suffering a compromise due to a mobile device. The positive aspects of BYOD do not outweigh the results of losing sensitive company information. Depending on what kind of organization you are this could result in hefty fines as well. A Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution allows you to reap the benefits of a BYOD policy without the security concerns.

Safe Remote Access

One of the best benefits of MDM is that it allows your team to safely access the company network from outside of the office. Working “on-the-go” is a trend that is becoming more prevalent in our daily lives. Many of us are striving to improve our work-life balance and in doing so, we are working on an as needed basis to address issues timely to alleviate matters turning into a “crisis.” An MDM layer provides users remote access to corporate applications from their mobile workspaces, including mobile devices, laptops and PCs.

With united endpoint protection technology, employers can manage secure policies such as encryption, passcodes, data loss, prevention, remote lock and wipe and patch management to keep data protected across all users. Having an MDM solution isn’t an option anymore it’s a necessity. Rare are the times you can find your entire company in the office on the same day and same time.

Other Benefits

Along with safer remote access, MDM keeps your organization’s data protected and ensures you retain control over confidential information. This platform provides access control, application management and multi-platform endpoint management. This helps if a mobile device is lost or stolen. MDM can remotely lock and wipe all data. It also protects your company from the ongoing threats of malwares and data breaches by blocking unsafe websites and material from use. It’s almost impossible to police what sites your team members are surfing so let your Managed Service Provider (MSP) do it for you.

Additionally, policy can also be implemented to control access to company data based on what apps are on your phone, what apps aren’t, and what apps you as a business want to permit your employees to access and use. MDM solutions through your Managed Service Provider (MSP) takes that weight off your shoulders, so you’re not concerned about cybersecurity when you have other things to worry about.

There is no shortage of devices in today’s business world. Are you looking to implement a Mobile Device Management Solution in your organization? Contact The TNS Group today to get started.