Mobile Device Management in the Workplace

Can you imagine a day or even an hour without your smartphone?  Do your employees access company data and email via their personal mobile device?  BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a company’s policy of allowing employees to bring their own mobile devices (phone, tablets, laptops and wearables) to work for use with company systems, software, network and information. This trend is on the rise and every organization needs to control the mobile devices that have access to their company data by implementing a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution.

According to Tech Pro Research, 59% of organizations allow employees to use their own devices for work purposes.  Based on these statistics, you can assume that this is the new standard.  Some of the benefits include employee satisfaction, a decrease in corporate spending, flexibility in the workplace and according to a Frost & Sullivan study, employees save 58 minutes each day using personal devices for work, providing a 34% increase in productivity.

However, with this trend comes with new set of concerns surrounding endpoint security.  If a device gets lost, your company data is on stage for the world to see. The inherent risks associate with BYOD has generated the need for Mobile Device Management solutions to monitor, manage and secure employee’s mobile devices.  With the continuing rise in costs related to security and data breaches, implementing an MDM solution has become critical to the modern workplace

Every organization needs to control the mobile devices that have access to company data.   Implementing MDM into your environment will allow you to reap the benefits of BYOD and limit the risks.  MDM solutions have the ability to proactively secure mobile devices by specifying password policies, enforcing encryption settings, selectively wiping corporate data, and streamlining the device set up.

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