As the holiday season begins it is important to be thankful for all that we have and give back to our communities. As a company we decided to conduct a food drive for the month of November to donate to our local food banks in order to provide more meals for families in need.

Share the love this holiday season and give back to your communities!

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Feeling thankful? Journal all of your thoughts, achievements and goals in one of these apps.

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Featured Solution: Email Backups

Like most companies, the amount of email you’ve sent and received over the past decade has been increasing exponentially. Email is convenient, flexible, and can be used to keep extensive records of everything we do in the workplace. Has your boss ever asked you to dig out an email about a previous project? Do you feel confident that you could easily retrieve an email from a year ago? How about two?  How about five?

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November Reads

Browntown's Tech Corner Halloween Spooktacular!

Check back next month for more tech tips, tricks, and charm!

Learn how to keep your company's data safe by educating your employees about phishing and phish testing.


Happy Halloween

We hope you enjoyed Halloween as much as we did!


Sync and Share Event

Thank you to everyone that attended our Sync and Share event in partnership with the Stamford Chamber of Commerce.

For more information on upcoming Chamber events click here.


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