About 90% of data breaches are caused by human error. It doesn’t matter how proactive or expensive your security is… if your users aren’t trained properly you could risk losing everything. Cyber Security Awareness Month was created to diminish the weakest point of any security solution – human error. Keep your data safe and educate your users with these 10 security tips.

Everyone is a Target

It is important to stress to your employees that everyone is a viable target for hackers. Having an “it will never happen to me” attitude is exactly what hackers want you to think, so they can strike when your guard is down.

Your Name is NOT Good Enough

Educate your employees on the importance of a strong password. Using your name or any piece of information that can be easily found on your social profiles is not a strong enough password. It is best to use a random mix of characters varying in upper and lower case and NO personal information. Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts, and for more data sensitive programs use dual factor authentication.

Lock Everything

Never. Leave. Devices. Unattended. If you get up for any period of time, no matter how short, be sure to lock your computer, phone and tablet.

Go Phish

Only open emails from trusted sources, and double check every sender's email address before clicking on any links. Hackers will take advantage of using slightly different spelling to trick users. If you are unsure if an email is legitimate forward it to your IT Manager or MSP.

Beware of Browsing

Sensitive browsing, such as checking your bank account, should only be done on a network you trust. Signing in to your account on a public computer or free WiFi will put your data at risk of being copied or stolen.


Back up everything.  Be sure to back up your data regularly and make sure your anti-virus software is current.

Contagious Malware

Be careful what devices you connect with your computer. Malware can spread through defected devices such as a flash drive, smart phone or external hard drives.

Social Media = Hackers Paradise

Watch what you share online. Hackers can learn a lot about you by friending you on social media. Be careful on who you add and always keep your profiles set to private.

Social Engineering

Beware of individuals calling or emailing you to gain access to your accounts. If you are unsure if the call is credible hang up and call the company directly. Do not allow criminals to manipulate you out of your information.

Monitor Your Accounts

Always check your accounts for suspicious activity. If you see something say something… and then change your password!

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