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Congratulations, you just received a complimentary year of Amazon Prime! All you have to do is sign in below and Amazon will credit you one year FREE! If you're not a Prime member already, all you have to do is create an Amazon account and start ordering!

Sounds too good to be true right? Then it probably is. If you opened this email you would have fallen victim to a phishing attack.

Here's How They Got You:

Photos and Logos

Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world making their logos easily recognizable. However, the mind tends to trust what it knows making it easy for hackers to create logos that are similar but NOT the same.

Here is an example of that, in the left photo the Amazon Prime gift logo was replaced by a standard present.

Read Carefully

If you find an official Amazon email riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes, question the source.

Below is an example of passable typos, there are two typos in the above email. Did you spot them?

We all fall victim to the occasional typo, but if you find an email riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes, especially from a company like Amazon, consider the source. When doing business, most companies are careful enough to catch these type of mistakes in order to maintain a level of professionalism.

You know who doesn't care about looking professional? Hackers.   

Protect Your Business

The above is an example of Security Awareness Training. The more you train yourself and your employees to be able to spot the errors in emails, the safer your data will be.

Contact The TNS Group today to learn more about Security Awareness Training and don't leave the fate of your business to "common sense".

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