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The construction industry is more susceptible to cyber-attacks than ever before, due to the power of the mobile workforce. Yes, it is great for business that your contractors and engineers can access documents on site and on the go. However, the growing need for file and data sharing outside of the network is putting your business at risk.

According to HUB International:

“The construction industry lags behind others when investing in high-level security and keeping up with current threats, and hackers are well aware and take advantage.”

Cyber-criminals are attacking vulnerable industries that have not fully adopted cyber-security in the workplace, making an immanent attack to your business highly likely. The construction industry as a whole needs to consider cyber-security as seriously as physical security.

This is why construction firms are choosing to work with a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Here at The TNS Group, we work collaboratively with you to clearly understand and define your business challenges and objectives. Our IT Consulting division, also referred to as our Strategic Guidance team, provides the road map necessary to develop efficiencies within your environment, establish internal best practices and effectively manage a diverse, mobile employee base.

Here are a few areas of security that your business needs:

Managed Perimeter Protection

The perimeter of your network is the first line of defense in protecting your network from all types of security risks. We will actively monitor your systems and respond to necessary threats in your environment 24 x 7.

Mobile Device Management

Just as important as perimeter protection, is the protection of your endpoints. Our Managed Services and Security teams effectively monitor, manage & secure end-user devices to alleviate any risks when connecting to the network.

Identity and Access Management

Implementing a password policy within your company is only as effective as the next phishing scheme or database exploitation. Our team of security experts implement and manage multi-factor authentication to strengthen access security.

Encryption Management

Encryption of laptops and desktops adds an additional layer of security for your data. Effectively deploying and managing this solution protects your company against those that must store sensitive data on laptops or desktops.

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