Your IT requirements were probably minimal at best when you first started your business. Any computer issue could be resolved with the help of a tech-savvy friend or with a freelance expert on a break-fix basis. As your company grew, this IT support probably evolved into a more full-time solution with the help of a small internal team or an IT company that you could call on when an issue arose.

Today, you're noticing other businesses using new technologies to come up with game-changing products and services, and you might be feeling left behind. As the economy takes on more digital characteristics, you're asking yourself whether it's time to abandon your break-fix approach and level up to a more robust network infrastructure.

Whether you're looking to part ways with your current IT partner altogether or provide some relief to your internal IT team, making any change can be daunting. How do you know if you're choosing the right IT solutions provider? Will investing in new technology guarantee better productivity and profitability for your business? What are the signs that your current IT solution needs an overhaul?

This article addresses these questions and pinpoints important issues to look out for in your current business technology setup.

1. You Are Getting Slow to No Response at All

Imagine this: You're at home about to reply to an urgent message from one of your toughest clients, but you are greeted by a notification asking you to reset your password. Thinking it would be easy, you try resetting it on your own, but it's more complex than you had thought. You call someone for help, but he is on vacation and unavailable to come to your aid.

Meanwhile, the client calls you on the phone, asking why you're taking too long to respond. You then speak to your IT provider. They assure you it will be handled quickly, but the problem isn't fixed five hours later. You're frustrated, your client is threatening to take their business someplace else, and work still cannot get done!

Minor issues like this can become considerable headaches for you and your employees if they cannot be resolved promptly. It is crucial that you have an IT solutions partner that responds immediately to your calls and finds a resolution quickly. At the very least, your IT partner should keep you apprised of the situation and provide a timeline for a solution and an alternative method of getting work accomplished in the interim.

Your business simply cannot wait for your technology.

2. Your Current IT Provider Is More Reactive Than Proactive

A reputable Managed Service Provider (MSP) should be a mixture of proactive and reactive services. They should constantly monitor your company's network, keep tabs on how the servers are running, and ensure proper anti-malware and anti-virus programs are installed. They should also be updating operating systems and other software regularly so your company is running on the most current versions available. Not every problem can be handled on the front side, so they also need to be accessible to address those unexpected issues.

3. You Don’t Know What You're Paying For

From time to time, most vendors may increase the prices of their services by a small percentage to offset the cost of inflation. This is common among MSPs. With that said, we understand how frustrating it can be when your IT vendor's prices go up significantly, and yet you still receive the same sub-par experience that you did before.

Your IT Services Company should provide you the clarity about where your money is going and what the expected benefits are. A reputable MSP keeps you posted on any changes as they arise. These conversations should be proactive, ensuring that your company is only paying for the service it is using without you having to beg the question.

4. Your Technology Does Not Match Your Business Needs

There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to technology solutions for businesses. Just because an IT solution worked for that mid-sized nonprofit company does not mean it will work for your small up-and-coming investment management firm.

Every organization is unique and has its own business requirements and priorities to adhere to a regulatory body's rules. As such, each company needs to be assessed properly to provide a solution that addresses those needs.

If your current IT partner has your business running a cookie-cutter, out-of-the-box solution, it might be time to look into other companies that offer a customized IT solution.

5. Your Software and Hardware Are Out of Date

In today's digital ecosystem, don't you feel that as soon as you acquire a piece of new technology, there's already a newer model on the market? However, a reputable MSP like The TNS Group will never recommend new software or hardware just for the sake of having new technology.

The decision to upgrade your technology should coincide with one or two good business reasons, such as noticing a slowdown in your day-to-day operations, increasing IT support charges, or if your security is compromised. If there has been a data breach, including a failed attempt, you must update your business technology immediately.

While your software and hardware do not need to be replaced every year, your IT Services Company should be keeping tabs on the age and warranties of all your equipment. Technology that has been in use for three years or longer is too slow to support the latest software. On the other hand, old software is not fully supported, poses a host of security risks, and causes significant problems when you require vendor support.

6. You Are Behind Your Competitors' Technology

Where in this image do you find your present business technology?

To have a fighting chance in today's marketplace, you must at least keep up with your competitors, if not stay ahead of them. Your rivals know that technology is the beating heart of quality service, and they stay on top of software and technology trends to keep rising to the next level. If you are running your business on old equipment or having issues staying productive due to technical problems, you cannot hope to achieve greater success than a similar company with its technology running smoothly for its employees.

To Sum Up

Working with an MSP means you get to choose the kind of services you pay for. You decide what services and offerings you need, and we will calculate your monthly flat-rate fee according to what suits your business needs and your budget.

And what if nothing breaks? Well, that's how you know you've chosen the right MSP. Like a well-oiled machine, The TNS Group will be proactive in keeping your technology safe, sound, and secure. To us, the break-fix service model is a thing of the past.

It's time you explore IT support options that will boost your profitability and growth over the years to come. Contact TNS today and we will help you future-proof your technology.

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