What a Managed Service Provider Does for You: Updates and Upgrades

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) protect companies every day, but how? Do you know everything your MSP does for your business? Sure - you speak to your help desk when you’ve misplaced a file or need permission to access a protected folder, but do you really know all of the daily fires your MSP puts out on your behalf?

If you have a full-service MSP, then they are most likely checking on your software and hardware daily for potential upgrades.

Software Updates

Yes, it may seem like every time you turn on your devices there is an update available. Most of us tend to ignore these pesky reminders for as long as we can. However, doing so can put your business at risk.

There is a reason software companies make changes to their programs and are suggesting that you update. These updates can be anything from a new feature they have added to make your experience easier or a security bug that needs immediate fixing. Either way these updates are ultimately there to help your business.

Partnering with an MSP assures that your software will be updated and patched daily. Technicians monitor your network to make sure you have the latest software, and if there are any issues with the software your support team will patch the software or work directly with the software company until a resolution is reached.

This cycle often happens without you even knowing. Your support team discovers an issue, contacts the partnered company, resolves the issue and has you up and running before any of your end users are affected.

Equipment Upgrades

It may seem unnecessary to upgrade your hardware. Everything turns on, and works 4/5 times you need it to... so what if your monitors occasionally turn off on their own… it’s just a minor inconvenience right? Wrong.

The reality is, even though you refuse to upgrade your equipment you are likely using newer programs that your machine’s operating system wasn’t designed to handle. Therefore, overtime whether you want to or not you will need to upgrade your equipment to keep up with business as usual.

It can seem daunting getting new equipment. What about the years of files and folders you have saved? What about all of the programs you have downloaded? How do you even choose the right machine to meet your business needs?

This is when your MSP has your back. When partnering with an MSP you have a full team of technicians to help ease this process. They will assess your current equipment and make recommendations that fit your business needs and budget. MSPs also partner with vendors and can sometimes get you a better deal on new equipment, then if you were to try and purchase it yourself.

Still nervous about the transition? Don’t be! Your MSP will transfer all of the files, folders and programs from your old machine and make sure your new device is properly set up, so that when it arrives you can start working immediately.

At the TNS Group we partner with clients to determine the best hardware and software for your business needs. We also continuously monitor your environment for updates, so you don’t have to worry. Contact us today and let us take the hassle out of keeping up with the latest technology.

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