Moving to the cloud is a huge trend in the business world. Cloud based storage helps in making your business more scalable and efficient, among other benefits. Rather than storing all your sensitive information in a data center the cloud helps you access your data in the event of a disaster. Although the advantages of cloud computing are undeniable, many have anxiety about the transfer of their sensitive data, network and entire infrastructure. 

With ongoing Ransomware and phishing scams leading to data breaches, cybersecurity isn’t something you can skimp on. If you do, you could lose out on a lot of business and money.

This is where a cloud security solution through a Managed Service Provider (MSP) comes in. Cloud security is ultimately about the protection of your data, applications, and infrastructure during and after the migration. This kind of protection involves a set of policies, controls, and technologies that work together to protect your environment, and everything backed up on it. Cloud Managed Services will save you money and your data.  

More Manageable

An added benefit of cloud security for businesses is the fact that everything is managed from one location. This reduces overhead and allows your team to focus on bigger and better things that further your company’s mission. Some cloud security features include authentication access for devices and users, data protection, and filtering traffic. 

As well as meeting any compliance regulation with ease. Multi-factor authentication is a secure way to access the things you need without comprising the network. No one with unauthorized access will be able to sign into your network. 

Remote Security

Along with these security features, safe remote access is another component that has businesses running to cloud storage. The ability to access network documents and email while out of the office has become necessary no matter your industry. 

With the cloud, as long as you have a web browser and an internet connection, you can access anything you need to complete a project for work. Whether it’s quick communication or edits to be made to a document you’re working on with another team member. With so many people working on-the-go today, remote safety is more important than ever. It can make your business more profitable and increase uptime.The cloud doesn’t just offer security, it pushes business further into the future. 

Strong Safeguards

The percentage by which ransomware infections and social engineering are affecting SMBs is increasing drastically every year.  Cloud backups and security platforms allow for a redundancy that ensures your data is retrievable in the event that the worst happens. 

Cloud security software detects threats before they can even occur. This becomes even more important when the data of your clients comes into play. Depending on the industry, some organizations have compliance requirements that could result in a huge loss if not met. Not every business can operate on a public cloud and your MSP knows that.

Where an MSP Comes in

Are you intimidated by cloud migration? If you have an interest in the cloud but aren’t sure if you’re ready to do a full migration you have the ability to test the waters. This is possible by migrating your email or a business application over first. This allows you to test drive before buying. 

Your cloud service is something you want to fit perfectly based on your needs. A Managed Service Provider will consult with you to guide your organization in the correct direction. They will take your compliance needs and the specific kind of data you need housed as well. An MSP takes elements of your business into account that you wouldn’t even think to-do. 

Finally, an MSP recognizes the importance of your organization’s security. They are responsible for securing your data. An MSP will also get to know you and your business so they can tailor a plan for you that doesn’t break the bank. Many companies think that it’s costly to stay secure but cloud services have actually reduced costly storage. 

If you’re interested in discussing what cloud service options might be right for you, contact The TNS Group today to get started.  Let us help you develop a cloud strategy that is driven by your workflow, resources, goals, and security needs.

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