In 2021 data makes the world go round. When it comes to your business, it is everything from your financial records, to your employee benefits, to your client’s personal data, to name a few. It involves all the critical information necessary for your business to function. In the event of a cyberattack this data could potentially be lost or stolen leaving your company reputation damaged.

In a primarily electronic world, the right data security solutions are a necessity. The right layering of solutions could be what stands between one of your employees and a phishing attack that can take your entire operation down. 

The right service provider will take your information security personally. The last thing any business needs is a data breach and through certain data security solutions your infrastructure will be monitored and protected in real time, so no sensitive data is lost. Data security is only one important form of protective cybersecurity. Read more about the ways we can help you keep your data secure below. 

Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) and DNS Protection

There are certain forms of data security that have become impossible to function without. These are anti-virus, anti-malware, and endpoint protection. Although these are a great  baseline, cyber threats have become much more complex. As their complexity increases, so does your protection. 

Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) is significant because it adds the “real-time” aspect to having data security solutions. This particular layer is the constant monitoring of your network for the prevention of anything malicious entering. 

One of the greatest aspects of having a service provider is that they make it their job to get in front of an attack before it can even occur. There are threats known as Denial of Service (DOS) and others that are similar, that grant cybercriminals unauthorized access to your network. Protecting your Domain Name Services, also known as DNS Protection, is a solution that can help you avoid hackers before they sneak into your systems and do irreversible damage. 

These are just two of the managed security services that fall under the umbrella of data security. 

Hardened Office 365 and Mobile Device Management (MDM)

We have written a number of blogs on Microsoft Office 365. Considering the vast amount of features and collaborative tools available to all of us, it truly can increase productivity and efficiency. With email, video conferencing, and Teams chat, there are so many elements to Office that help any company succeed, but you must also think about how much data is being shared.

Yes, businesses all over the world are using Office. But, are they using it securely? That’s where we come in. Through a Hardened Office 365 solution we can configure your network in a way that ensures that your users are sending and receiving emails, in the most secure manner. 

Now that we’ve hypothetically helped you secure your Office 365 solution it’s time to consider all the devices the platform is being used on. On top of all the other work-related applications being accessed through employee personal devices. In today’s day and age it’s almost impossible to provide every one of your employees with a mobile device strictly for work without overspending.

That’s when Bring Your Own Device Policies (BYOD) began to flourish. Although company members using their own devices is a huge financial benefit, it also increases the number of potential holes in your company network. 

We can provide you with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution that works to protect each of your company members’ devices on a granular level. You’ll be able to control what kind of access a member is granted within the network and it can also control things like application usage. That way there is nothing on any company related device that could potentially lead to downtime. 

DOD Level Wiping and Certification and Other Data Security Solutions

Sometimes data needs to be deleted. No matter its level of importance, once deleted, the expectation is that the information has disappeared from the virtual world. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Most data that is “deleted” is only marked as such. The right service provider will help you truly wipe your data. 

Our Department of Defense (DOD) level process which comes complete with a certificate to certify that all national and international standards have been met will ensure once your data is deleted it cannot be found again.

There are a number of other data security related solutions. Some of these are email security, hard disk destruction, hard drive encryption, and perimeter protection. As you can see, the more layers you implement the more protected your information will be. It’s a service provider’s job to know which solutions work for you and why. 

If you would like more information on data security and what solutions might be right for your business, contact The TNS Group today. 

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