A new year brings new cyber threats and social engineering schemes. Managed security solutions like risk management and endpoint security are more important than ever. There were many businesses that had to swiftly shift their operations to a remote structure. They did this without considering cybersecurity at all because COVID was a major threat and changes were necessary. 

If your business sounds like one of these, now is the time to take new threats into consideration and how you’re going to defend yourself against them. Malicious software is a realistic type of cyberattack. Don’t lose sensitive information because you weren’t prepared for it. Below are the wide range of attacks to be conscious of in the new year. 


Post-COVID Threats

In a post-COVID world, hackers are evolving their techniques to go along with certain cyber conditions. Attacks have actually become easier since more of the population have been working from home. Not only have more people been working from home, but more people have  been experiencing major sporting and music events remotely. 

These are events that are paid for. Those who don’t pay for them are constantly looking for updates online. Hackers take advantage of this through spoofing and malicious ads and websites that steal your personal information. That’s only one of the many examples of an uptick in those specific attacks. 

Additionally, credit reporting agency Experian noted that, in the race for a COVID-19 vaccine, threat actors could use the next several months to disrupt vaccine supply chains, create confusion and spur a national competition—creating a new kind of pandemic cyber-threat. 

So, there’s still some cyber chaos in the air due to COVID. 



Ransomware will never cease to be a threat. The United States experienced more financial damage than usual in 2020 with a loss of $1 billion. According to Joseph Carson, chief security scientist and advisory CISO at security firm Thycotic. 

“Over the next year, ransomware will continue to be the biggest threat and financial risk to enterprises. Most organizations should be very concerned about ransomware as the biggest cyber security challenge and threat. Ransomware is going to continue evolving with recently it is becoming not just a security incident but also a data breach, with organized cybercrime groups also stealing the data before they encrypt it, meaning that companies are not just worried about getting their data back but also who it gets shared with publicly.”

Do you know how protected your business is from threats like these? If you don’t know you should probably find out. This is only because attacks are becoming even more frequent and you don’t want a hacker gaining unauthorized access to your company network. Sometimes they infiltrate your system without you even noticing. 

Network Changes and Threats from the Inside 

Although there are a ton of benefits to remote work there are also a lot of risks. Employees have become more likely to click on something malicious now that they’re out of the office. This results in the loss of their credentials and the vulnerability of your company network. 

The loss of credentials in cases like these allow hackers to gain access to an organization’s critical assets. These can be difficult to detect and are another reason every company should have a secure remote access plan

Most companies that have shifted to a remote setup have had to shift their traditional on-premise networks to the cloud. Hackers are taking advantage of the fact that this has somewhat forced the outer layer of a company’s network to recede. 

If you would like more information about managed security and how it can protect your business throughout 2021, contact The TNS Group today. 

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