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What Is Your Stripper Name?

Anyone active on social media has seen those seemingly harmless quizzes that someone in your newsfeed takes and then shares…the ones that ask you to enter your first name, middle name, and the street you grew up on to create ...

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for G Suite

You can’t have a company without data right? Whether it’s a list of donors for your non-profit, or the medical records of the patients at your healthcare practice, ensuring this data is safe, is essential to your business.  That’s why ...

Data Security: Are you Protected?

In 2021 data makes the world go round. When it comes to your business, it is everything from your financial records, to your employee benefits, to your client’s personal data, to name a few. It involves all the critical information ...

No one Wants a Data Breach

No one likes a hacked account. A hacked account can result in financial loss, identity theft, or just a whole lot of wasted time. Not to mention a loss of reputation and trust from your clients.  None of these outcomes ...

4 Reasons Businesses are Flocking to MSPs

Whether your business uses a little or a lot of technology, it undoubtedly has to incorporate some sort of technology. Even antique stores in small towns have computers, point of sale systems, and most likely a website to keep their ...

Microsoft Office 365 for Your Business

Microsoft Office 365 turned 5 years old last June! It is important to understand what improvements have been made, over that period of time, to encourage businesses to move from on premise to cloud email.  While Microsoft continues to market ...

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