Top 4 Reasons Businesses are Flocking to Managed Services Providers

4 Reasons Businesses are Flocking to MSPs

Whether your business uses a little or a lot of technology, it undoubtedly has to incorporate some sort of technology. Even antique stores in small towns have computers, point of sale systems, and most likely a website to keep their business going.

It used to be feasible that a friend or neighbor could help you with a tech issue at your business. Once that got too complicated, people started hiring IT people or teams. Now businesses are flocking to MSPs to handle their tech, and for a good reason.

Small Businesses are Profitable for Hackers

A big myth for small-to-medium-sized businesses is that hackers won’t bother with them. Unfortunately, many business owners are learning the hard way that that is no longer the case. Big businesses have put up pricey firewalls and other advanced security solutions making it harder to hack. Smaller companies don’t tend to invest in security, which means hackers can break through quickly and efficiently, producing a hefty profit along the way. In fact, 14 million businesses were hacked between 2016 and 2017. Don’t learn the hard way that your business isn’t too small to be a target!

Technology Changes Quickly

Using your cousin’s daughter or whoever else is tech-savvy might have worked a few years ago, but the progression of technology is too significant for someone who dabbles in tech to keep up. The pace of innovation is overwhelming for any one person, and it’s necessary to find a company whose sole purpose is to keep up with the continual technological change.

Your Employees Don’t Focus on Security

You can implement general rules and recommendations for your employees, but it’s hard to enforce them. Employees aren’t going to put the amount of focus on security on their own without concrete security measures in place. Enforcing password requirements and policies or having dual-factor authentication, data encryption, and firewalls are just a few things that MSPs provide to protect your company from your employees. While most employees wouldn’t purposely harm their company, security likely isn’t on the top of their minds.

Avoid Getting Nickel and Dimed

Waiting for your hourly IT person to solve your problem is kind of like riding in a cab in the 90s. You have a set amount of cash, and as the meter goes up, you watch it like a hawk hoping it doesn’t climb too high. When you pay an IT person to find a solution, it’s stressful wondering about the final bill. The IT guy has no incentive to find your solution quickly, and it’s hard to know if he’s charging you a fair rate. By using a Managed Service Provider, your budget is set, and you don’t have to sweat while someone works on a solution.

Having your website or internal computer system go down can cost you thousands or even millions in sales, productivity costs, and loss of trust from your customers. Protect yourself, your data, and your revenue by contacting The TNS Group to discuss how we can help you with your tech needs.