February has come and gone, and though Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, we’re certain things should be heating up soon. From a sports perspective, March Madness is bringing the heat with a blazing line up to keep you engaged. As we watch the snow melt and more rainy days ahead of us, we can also expect that St. Patricks Day won’t be the only green day in our futures.  With the first day of spring fast approaching, we may all find opportunities to take our work on the go.

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March Madness begins Tuesday, March 13th, and there is a pretty impressive line-up this year. Whether you are new to the game or a basketball fanatic, it is another reason to socialize and win some money.  Now that we have recovered from the Super Bowl, it’s a great time to start a March Madness pool at the office.  If you have never done one before, start with the March Madness Block Pool and ease your way in.

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Solution Spotlight: Learning Management Systems

In this day and age, how do we learn?  In our personal lives we might sign up for a class, virtual or brick and mortar, but what about in the workplace?  How do we train, get trained, learn new skills, processes, workflow, or just plain learn how to do our jobs more efficiently?  How do we, as contributors and leaders in our respective fields…

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Meet a Member of our Foresight Team


We are excited to announce that Neftaly (Nef) Fernandez is back at The TNS Group.  Nef was a key member of the client services team for over six years. When he first started at TNS, he was one of two people on the desk and had a passion for solving problems and cultivating relationships, both internally and externally.  He has returned with the same positive outlook he has always had, however, his perspective has changed.

In December of 2016, Nef left the organization to address a family matter.  His young daughter, Téa was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness that changed the direction of things for both Nef and his loving wife, Deb.  They both took off time to manage the illness and were there every step of the way to recovery.  He is happy to share that this is not an issue right now. 

Nef returned to TNS because of the people, company culture and work flexibility that the company provides.  Nef expressed how supportive TNS was through everything and made him feel like he always had a home at the company.  Taking the burden of work away from the equation enabled him to focus on what is and was most important.  Not everyone going through similar circumstances is provided this level of support.

Nef returned to TNS as a member of our Foresight team.  This department provides holistic audits of our client environments and makes recommendations to improve efficiency and an enjoyable end-user experience overall.  This proactive approach allows us to take care of issues on the front side and establish timelines and budgets for clients so they can plan for the future.  He is jumping into this role with enthusiasm and looks forward to the road ahead.

Returning to the company after the past year, opened his eyes to the many changes within the organization.  He shared that over the past year, TNS has streamlined processes across all of our office locations and has elevated their level of support.  The efforts put into making sure our clients are a priority and issues, resolved still remains at the forefront of the organization.   The growth is consistent and he looks forward to the future.

The biggest lesson that Nef learned from his family experience is to become more positive, encouraging and supportive of others.  There is so much negativity in the world and we all have the ability to change the behavior of one person – ourselves.  Nef is embracing every moment with Deb, Téa and their son, Nefty and spending time developing other family relationships.

Where is your next family vacation?  Rincon, Puerto Rico

What is your favorite quote?  “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… and it’s all Small Stuff”

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As business owners, you are consistently trying to make business processes more efficient. Whether it is upgrading your technology, hiring talent, or spearheading ongoing training, they are all steps in the right direction. With a Learning Management System (LMS) you can utilize technology to create a standard process for training new employees while providing continuing education for your existing team members, crossing all verticals and training needs. Stay tuned for more information.


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