The TNS Group is proud to announce the launch of our new website. We have a new look, a new feel and are excited about all that the New Year will bring. As an organization, we strive to drive your business strategy through technology and make it work for you. In doing so, you can focus on your business and all that is important to you. Thanks for being an inspiration in the development of our new site.

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Tip of the Month...

Let’s face it, we all have an online footprint and presence in the workplace. Even though we aren’t surfing online and posting in the same ways, we still leave a trail behind us that’s arguably even more monitored than on our private home networks. Online behavior at work is now more important than ever. Here are some useful tips for online etiquette during work hours. 

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Featured Solution: Email Backups
Solution Spotlight Email Backups

Like most companies, the amount of email you’ve sent and received over the past decade has been increasing exponentially. Email is convenient, flexible, and can be used to keep extensive records of everything we do in the workplace. Has your boss ever asked you to dig out an email about a previous project? Do you feel confident that you could easily retrieve an email from a year ago? How about two? How about five?

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If You Missed Last Month's Webinar!
Thank you to all who attended the launch of our first webinar. In light of the holidays we wanted to share “Hacking the Hacker” with everyone. Even those who did not register. Stay tuned for more upcoming webinars. 

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