Solution Spotlight: Managed IT Security

It stands to reason that Security should be in the forefront of every Business/Process Owner that is concerned about emerging Cybersecurity threats.  Attack vectors are being designed and implemented everywhere, and from any and every one, to create a complex and confusing landscape.

In today’s world, it is not a matter of IF your company is breached, it is a matter of WHEN.  You may have noticed a rise in phishing emails within your organization. They are pervasive and are becoming so refined that it is hard to tell the difference. 

Your data is simply one click away from being breached...  It is not limited to emails as scammers are constantly incorporating malware into social media outlets and have even moved to text-based phishing vectors via your cell phone in the form of “smishing” and “vishing”. These attack vectors may be tangible to your company and employees if they have infiltrated your environment, but what about those attacks that you can’t see?

We’re talking about Fileless Malware… memory-based attacks that require no application install, no malicious link, you’re… just… infected.

In terms of business process and risk management getting in-line with that ever-changing Cybersecurity landscape, in walks the Cyber Kill Chain: whose framework serves to identify and define the various stages of a cyber-attack as it pertains to network security. 

The most interesting point is that there are several layers to these attacks that you can’t see, can’t defend against, and will likely never see coming… until it’s too late.

How can organizations protect themselves against these emerging threats?  A few years ago, Security Operations Centers (SOC) and Security and Information and Event Management (SIEM) were considered prohibitively expensive, incredibly difficult to manage, and something that was simply just out of reach for the SMB space. 

TNS is happy to report that SOC and SIEM are not only affordable, but something we offer today to our clients.  It includes, but is not limited to:

Why make it easy for a hacker to hit. Contact The TNS Group today to learn more about a layered approach to security.

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