If you’ve learned anything this past year it’s probably that technology is directly correlated to the success of your business. COVID has forced so many businesses to operate remotely when they never had before. Not only has this increased many businesses' awareness of the importance of IT it’s also displayed the necessity of network security or cloud security. 

With the wide range of cyberthreats and malicious software out there, developing a strategic plan for your technology is imperative. This will facilitate and support your business success and protect the sensitive information of both your clients and your team. The right IT strategy can change your business' processes for the better. After a year like 2020, we can all benefit from some prosperity and positivity.


The Big Picture: A Layered Approach

When it comes to your IT there are so many different elements to consider. Depending on your industry, technology just might not be in your wheelhouse. The right Managed Service Provider (MSP) will take your entire infrastructure into account before presenting you with the right strategy. A strategy that will protect your network and data while allowing your business to function.  

Cybersecurity should be a priority this year. Remote work, while it has many benefits, it also makes your network a bit more vulnerable. A combination of managed security solutions like continuous vulnerability assessments and security awareness training, will prepare your employees and organization for any kind of cyberattack. 


What’s Your Budget?

When it comes to any aspect of your business, budget always comes into play. The question is, how low on the totem pole are you placing IT? Many businesses choose to use a break/fix model for their IT services. This usually involves hiring an outside contractor to come in and fix an issue each time one arises. 

Outside contractors aren’t the best choice because they don’t truly know your business and they don’t take your downtime into account when they’re fixing your problems. They don’t have the sense of urgency a team member would. Depending on how many issues you have in a year, using contractors may also push you over your budget.

In addition to contractors, some companies choose to have a small internal IT staff. This option can get expensive because it requires additional costs like onboarding, paid sick days, benefits and all the other fees that go into hiring a new employee. 

When you hire a Managed Service Provider (MSP) you’re provided with hands-on assistance in real time and your budget is always taken into account. An MSP will allow you to have successfully functioning technology without going over budget. You’ll have the services and solutions you need with a team that operates as an extension of your business. 


IT Consulting and Looking to the Future

Yes, as previously mentioned, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) always takes your budget into account but remember, it’s their job to see what solutions you require first. No two businesses have the same operations. Size, industry, and market all have a huge impact on the way a company functions. 

As an MSP we look at your business structure and decide which solutions will better drive your business and enhance security. This could mean migrating to the cloud, or implementing a number of managed security solutions. If you don’t have a disaster recovery plan you will most likely be introduced to one of those too. 

Either way, your vision and overall business plan are always taken into account when an MSP designs your new IT plan. They also take your growth and future into consideration. They want to think long term with you. As you grow your technology will need to grow too and we are here to help you succeed and transition smoothly. 


Protections and Managed Security

We are now in 2021 and there are more types of cyber attacks than ever. Depending on the size of your business if a cybercriminal gains access to your network not only will personal information be stolen, but your entire company could go down as well. In the case that it doesn't, your reputation could be potentially ruined. 

This is why discussing cybersecurity and managed security solutions with your IT provider is so important. Are you aware of the protections you have in place? As an MSP it’s our job to have an awareness of your security needs based on your business structure and to stay at the forefront of it. 

Whether it’s identity or risk management, or security awareness training for your team, we can educate your team on security risks and maximize uptime. If you’d like more information on how to develop a strategic plan for your company, contact The TNS Group today.

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