How Technology Can Enhance Your Nonprofit Part 2

The nonprofit sector operates on tight budgets making programming and initiatives to further the mission a priority. Technology tends take a backseat with most nonprofits spending more on software than IT hardware, according to the Nonprofit Technology Network’s (NTEN) 10th annual “Nonprofit Technology Staffing and Investments Report,” which comprises data from more than 250 organizations.

What if those statistics changed and nonprofit organizations made a greater investment in their technology?

Below are More Ways that Technology Can Enhance Your Nonprofit

Empowerment:  Enhance Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

In today’s world, technology is empowerment. Whether you and your team are working in different locations – nationally or internationally – or working remotely outside of the office, communication can pose a problem at times. Incorporating applications to meet your business needs can break down this barrier and enhance productivity overall.

Whether you are using Teams, SharePoint/OneNote, Box, Slack, or Asana, as team communication application tools it enables the entire team to work collaboratively in an efficient manner.

If used correctly, these tools can enhance workflow and increase operational efficiency. This alleviates any frustrations related to file access or effective communication among colleagues. Work with your IT Managed Services Provider to determine which applications will be easily adopted within your organization and meet your business needs.

I venture to state that an increase in productivity increases employee satisfaction overall.

Engagement:  Don’t Limit Your Fundraising Opportunities

Achieving or surpassing fundraising goals is important to all nonprofit organizations. Traditional strategies through annual appeals, individual giving, corporate sponsorships, events, auctions, etc., are key drivers in an organization’s success. However, don’t limit the possibilities especially when they are free.

Utilizing social media platforms can help spread the word about your mission, showcase your programming and culture overall, and illustrate the impact you are making in your communities.  Impact-based storytelling is one of the most important tactics a nonprofit can take to engage and retain donors. Even if you start with your iPhone, incorporating videos and photos into your blogs and social media outlets can impact potential donors that are outside of your organization. From Instagram stories to Facebook Live and LinkedIn you are broadening your target audience and engaging them in an impactful manner.

Management:  So Many Volunteers, So Little Time

Nonprofits rely heavily on relationships to achieve success and drive the mission. This includes donors, volunteers, vendors, event attendees and staff.

Maintaining the integrity of personal volunteer information is important to the reputation of your organization and the trust built among current and future volunteers. It is important to ensure the management and security of this data. Organizations of all sizes have access to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems that can allow them to effectively manage and secure this information.

In working with a technology partner, such as an MSP, they can help you identify the CRM system that aligns with your organizational needs, regardless of size. Leveraging reporting solutions can help you effectively manage relationship data and free up operational resources to streamline your fundraising efforts and ensure data security.

At The TNS Group we work collaboratively with you to understand your workflow and current business needs, as well as your vision for the future. This will enable us to effectively turn technology into one of your greatest assets.

Contact The TNS Group today and allow us to simplify your technology!

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