The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world so much since the beginning of 2020. The fourth Thursday of November is approaching. Most people are much more isolated than usual, and the amount of remote work has increased immensely. 

Thanksgiving is coming up which is a public holiday. Due to COVID there are now government mandated guidelines that must be followed for each gathering. Unfortunately this may interfere with your Thanksgiving traditions but we may have a solution for you. 

In our last blog we spoke about the benefits of Office 365 during these challenging times. Today, we are going to focus on why it’s applications can help improve your Thanksgiving experience. 

On a different note, organizers and attendees of larger events should consider the risk of virus spread based on event size (number of attendees and other factors) and take steps to reduce the possibility of infection, as outlined in the Considerations for Events and Gatherings. Not only is Thanksgiving a public holiday but it’s a national holiday as well. That’s why these guidelines are so important. Most people around the country have to adjust their plans in some way or another.



First, let’s talk about the requirements for these gatherings. If you check out the CDC website, you can find a list of reasons why these events can spread the disease and who can and cannot attend the event based on their previous diagnosis of COVID for example.  It also has tips for the best ways to handle overnight guests.

They suggest that it’s very important to constantly monitor your guests for any COVID symptoms and take all their temperatures at the door. Everyone in attendance needs to agree upon a plan regarding what happens if someone does show clear signs of COVID. To help some of these potential risks the CDC requires you to make your guests where face masks as they would inside a store.


How Office 365 can Help

A lot of these rules and risks are enough to give someone anxiety, right? Although Thanksgiving is a special holiday that should be spent with loved ones, we are in the middle of a pandemic. This is one year you may not be able to see the extended family and friends you typically would.

That’s where Microsoft Teams through Office 365 can help. One of its many great features, as mentioned in last week’s blog, is video conferencing. Communicating with people you haven’t quarantined with through video chat is one of the safest ways you can celebrate a holiday. Yes, it won’t be the same as seeing your extended family and friends in person. But this way you will know that no one gets sick.

The technology that teams use to collaborate is changing rapidly. New products, new functionality from existing products – seemingly every day, there is some new development in how we can share time together. Demand has never been higher because so many people are spread across the country.


Microsoft Teams for Work Also?

Although this blog has mainly focused on the social aspects of Microsoft Teams. There are so many benefits to implementing it into your business as well. Not only does the video chat  feature allow you to connect with loved ones near and far and it also contributes to company wide communication. 

That being said, at TNS we will soon be implementing Total Collaboration. This is our approach to the full lifecycle management of your collaboration workflow.

Email is great. Email threads are great to reference in the future. Teams, on the other hand can be even more helpful. 

Although Teams is an informal chat platform it allows for quick and efficient communication and collaboration between your team members. With group chat features, Teams also allows for easy team work with multiple people. 

Since COVID has began, so many companies are dealing with the separation of employees and the need for remote work. Teams allows for you to function like you’re all back in the office. 

Leveraging the best-in-class Microsoft Teams platform, we will help your organization reach peak efficiency by providing the technology and know-how to help you get work done. This includes migrating off of your existing voice and collaboration platforms, plotting a course for how you can best utilize the features and functionality of Microsoft Teams, preparing your workforce with guided training and supporting you on a day to day basis.

Our TNS Team looks forward to helping you work better, together Contact us today for more information.

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