How are you feeling about the holidays this year? Are you frustrated that 2020 has you unable to see as many people as usual? Although this year has been unique when it comes to celebrating important and traditional holidays, staying safe and healthy is the priority right now.

By limiting the number of people you see you’re not potentially spreading disease and there are ways to see those people you would have, if not for COVID. Technology has changed the way we communicate with each other and video chatting has saved the holidays this year.

It’s also important to take a look back at this year in general. In addition to the holidays, you or someone in your family may have had a graduation, welcomed new baby, or a milestone that you typically would have celebrated. Virtual parties have kept friends and families connected at a time when human interaction has become much more difficult.

Although you may not be able to be together in the upcoming weeks, there are a number of fun holiday activities to do over video chat.  


Cooking Together

Every year you probably have the same friend or family member taking over the kitchen to make dinner for whatever holiday you're celebrating. This is a year to break that pattern. 

Get more people involved. Give everyone a task they can do so ultimately the dinner turns into a group project. This connects you with the people you’re celebrating with and may even inspire a new tradition for years to come.

In addition to cooking with the people your normally do, cooking with an extended circle of family and friends that you love virtually, is also a great time. You can compare recipes and see who can garnish their dish the best. Cooking doesn’t always have to be in-person to bring people together.

Have a Themed Virtual Party

Most social groups of people, whether friends, family or both, have a holiday party they attend each year. Whether it’s an ugly holiday sweater or gingerbread house contest, there’s no reason to stop this year. Hold the same party virtually. 

Have everyone chip in ten dollars to buy a few prizes. Don’t let social distancing ruin any holiday fun.

This is also an opportunity to create a new party theme. Let’s say you decide to have four groups of people in each group that’s video chatting. 

Give each group a memory from a year you all spent together during the holidays. Each group then has to create a dish or decoration that represents that year. Then, everyone can vote on which creation is the best.

Open Gifts Together

Sharing gifts is a huge part of the holidays. Not the materialistic aspect but the appreciation element. Every year the people you love probably do things for you that they don’t even realize are special. 

The holidays provide a wonderful opportunity to show that person your gratitude. Sometimes seeing that person’s reaction to the gift is the best part. Particularly, if the gift is extra meaningful.

Virtual meetings are such a great way to see your loved ones open the gifts you sent them. There’s no reason not to share that experience with the people who you usually do. Technology makes that possible.

If you would like more information about platforms that have features that allow for video chatting, like Office 365, contact The TNS Group today.

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