With Cybercrimes have on the rise, protecting your emails with encryption should be a priority.  In 2016, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) reported that businesses lost $360 million dollars due to cybercrimes. Most of these are due to email account compromise (EAC), where malicious parties gain access to your email account and pose as you, angling to get your finance team to make some fraudulent wires. They also will sift through your inbox for emails containing passwords to your other accounts.

If you looked through your inbox right now, would you find any passwords stored there? I bet that most of you do - I’ll admit, I’m guilty as well. Email is certainly convenient to send and store passwords, but it also means that if anyone gets access to those emails, they are up for grabs. If you send a password to your coworker, what would stop them from forwarding that password to their personal email account or a third party?

The good news is that with email encryption services, you can securely transmit data to other parties and greatly reduce the risk of them disseminating that data. We can tailor an encryption solution that fits with your current email provider and gives you the protection you need.

Our encryption platforms work by taking the sensitive data out of your emails and locking it in a secure web portal. When you send an encrypted email, it’s sent to the cloud, and your recipient gets an email notification that an encrypted email awaits them on the website. They can access it only by authenticating with an approved username and password, or a one-time code, if you prefer. You can set the email to expire after a given time, so if a malicious party has access to their username and password, it will still be safe as the link will be dead.

It’s flexible – it’ll only encrypt emails you want it to by triggering off of a custom keyword you put in the subject line of the email (I’ve seen everything from a serious ‘#encrypt’ to something odd like ‘banana’) so that your recipients don’t need to always view your emails on the portal. It can be set with different layers of protection, in case you want to prevent recipients from copying data from the email and its attachments, or prevent them from editing the attachments.

Do me a favor – search your mailbox for any emails containing the word “password”. If you find any emails that have passwords contained in them, delete them, and contact The TNS Group. We’re happy to discuss encryption solutions that will keep your email secure.

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