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How to Interview Your Prospective IT Provider

In the previous article, we covered essential indicators that your business technology needs an overhaul. We learned that operating on old equipment not only puts you at risk of data breaches but also at risk of becoming irrelevant in the ...

Your Break-Fix IT Solution Is Weighing You Down!

  Your IT requirements were probably minimal at best when you first started your business. Any computer issue could be resolved with the help of a tech-savvy friend or with a freelance expert on a break-fix basis. As your company ...

HIPAA Compliance Simplified: What It Is, Its Rules, and Why It Matters

Regardless of what size your organization is and what industry you belong in, your data must be secure, protected, and backed up to build business resilience and longevity. If you are in the field of healthcare, in particular, the inability ...

Understanding PCI DSS Compliance: Its Goals, Benefits, and Requirements

Whether a startup or a global enterprise, all businesses must be compliant year-round and undergo an annual evaluation to avoid hefty fines. One important compliance is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI DSS that is mandated by ...

10 Tech Gift Ideas for Your Special Someone This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so we thought we'd spare you the guesswork of finding the perfect gifts for the special people in your life. You don't need to trudge through the pages of Amazon, Best Buy, and ...

The TNS Group Has Acquired ThinkTech Computers

FEBRUARY 9, 2022:  The TNS Group, a prominent Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) with offices in New York City and Stamford, CT, announced today that it has acquired ThinkTech Computers (, an established IT services firm in Fairhaven, MA. Both companies have come together ...

Data Privacy Week 2022

Data Privacy Day began on January 28, 2008 in the United States and Canada and is currently observed in Nigeria, Israel, and 47 European countries. On this day, we commemorate the January 28, 1981 signing of Convention 108, the first ...

Boost Your Protection with Cybersecurity Insurance

Ask yourself, is your business currently protected with the latest cybersecurity technology? If you’re like most business owners, you probably don’t have the time to worry about such things, but you should. We'll tell you why in this blog post. ...

Traditional Cybersecurity Model Is Out! A People-Centric Approach Is the Way to Go

As we enter the new year, it's worth looking back at some of the important cybersecurity events of last year. We will remember that the largest and most expensive data breaches occurred at companies with substantial investments in cybersecurity. The ...

Scale, Adapt and Grow! Technology and Business Trends for 2022

As the leader in your organization, your first order of business in welcoming the new year might be regaining momentum, especially with the continuing uncertainties and challenges of Covid. If the last two years taught us anything, it was that ...

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