Summer is in full swing and we hope that you are enjoying every moment! Many of you may be traveling this month, taking time to spend with family and friends, or simply taking some time to relax and enjoy a book from start to finish.

Thank you … Again

We want to thank all of your clients, friends and advocates for your support. The TNS Group proudly announced last month that we moved up another 15 spot in the MSPmentor 2018 edition of MSP501, ranking amongst the elite top 175 providers globally. Applications poured in from Europe, Asia, South America and beyond.

This would not happen without your partnership. Just in case you missed the announcement last month, here is the link to our press release.

Tip of the Month...

With potential travel plans for family time this month, it might be time to learn how to disconnect. Although this may be challenging some time, it could prove beneficial in the long run. But, what about those important calls that you simply cannot miss? Find out how to adjust the settings on your phone to let calls from certain, select individuals through the temporary wall of silence.

All our best,

The TNS Group

Featured Solution: Phish Testing
To Click or Not to Click: That is the Question

Phishing attacks are on the rise, and they’re more sophisticated than ever… playing on your emotions, masquerading as an email from grandma, your boss, or even big box retailers like Amazon, eBay, and Target.

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Meet Our New Team Member!

Ashley Pina was born in Queens and spent most of her younger years on Long Island before moving to Port Chester, NY. She earned her Master of Arts degree in Public Relations from Hofstra University and majored in journalism at Iona College where she earned her Bachelor’s degree. Prior to joining The TNS Group as our Marketing Associate, she worked as a fundraiser for the Annual Giving Campaign at Hofstra University.

Her past experience as a fundraiser provides the skill set necessary to further the marketing initiatives of the company. She is passionate about implementing social media marketing strategies and creating the monthly newsletter. The newsletter starts as a blank canvas and provides the opportunity to unleash her creativity and connect with our audience in a number of ways.

Ashley enjoyed the relationship building component that fundraising provided, and has found that this skill transcends to her role in marketing, both internally and externally. She was initially drawn to TNS’ website and blogs, which reflects the voices of the company across the board and found this to be unique. Working at TNS she learned that the blogs and voices that initially drew her to the company reflect our company values that allows for every voice to be heard.

Coming from a non-tech background, she has picked up a lot by listening to team members and asking questions. She appreciates being in an environment where she is constantly learning and is surrounded by people that are open to questions and willing to share their knowledge in tech-friendly speak.

As part of the Marketing Department, she is excited to plan for the future and spearhead a number of initiatives going forward. Outside of work, she is putting together a fitness blog to share some tips and tricks on flexible meal planning and weight training. She is a fitness and health advocate and encourages everyone to take things slow and listen to your body when embarking on a new regimen.

When not at work, you can find her spending time with friends, taking in a Taylor Swift concert or NY Rangers game, or enjoying a nice seafood meal. Her dinner companion of choice would be Queen Elizabeth I because she admires how she ruled England without a husband and stood on her own. Ashley is well traveled and her dream trip is to visit the Maldives. Speaking of travel, her superpower of choice would be “to fly” to travel the world that much faster.

Where will we find Ashley when she retires: On a beach. As for which beach, the possibilities are endless.

Words of Advice: Follow The TNS Group on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (just search our company name).

August Reads

Introducing The TNS Group’s new vlog series Browntown’s Tech Corner starring the one and only Stephen Brown.

Check back next month for more tech tips, tricks and charm!

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