Every year a new round of gadgets are released that make for great holiday gifts. There are so many options to choose from though and you always end up discovering a better deal after you’ve made your purchase. Finding the right gift at the right price can be frustrating. So, to help out we have a few tech gift suggestions to share, and at a range of prices. Hopefully these give you some inspiration for your holiday shopping list.

Nightlight Bluetooth Speaker

This device is a two in one. Not only is it a dimmable bedside light, but it’s a Bluetooth speaker as well. At under $20 this is an extremely good deal and a perfect gift for kids and adults. This device is a great aid for winding down after a long day. You can also adjust the lighting to create an atmosphere to help the kids to calm down before bed. It’s fully portable so you can take it outdoors, and 4 hours of charging gets you 10-15 hours of light and 10 hours of music. This item can be found on Amazon.

Tile Tracker

Are you someone who spends ten minutes every morning running around the house trying to find your keys? Well, then this gift is perfect for you. Whether it’s your keys, phone, or work badge, the tile tracker is like a search party for your personal items. Just attach tile to your item and ring it though your tile app when it’s lost. You can also do the opposite and find your phone by double tapping your tile. Even if your phone is on silent it will ring. This item can also be found on Amazon.

Powercore Portable Charger

We’ve all felt that frustration. Your phone dies during a long outing and you waste time looking everywhere for an outlet. Or even worse, you’re outside and left with a dead phone for the rest of the day. With a portable charger you’ll never have that issue again. This particular battery has a huge 7 day charge capacity after only 10 hours of recharging. It also has two USB ports so you can charge multiple devices at once. You can find this device at multiple locations but it’s sold on Amazon for $49.99.

DBPOWER X400 FPV RC Quadcopter Drone

When you hear the word drone, you’re probably thinking expensive right? Well Amazon actually has quite a few affordable drone options with very good reviews. This particular model comes with some great features. It has a 3D Split Screen Display that’s compatible with a 3d VR Headset. You also have the ability to connect it to your phone so you can see what the drone sees from your own screen. This model is only $49.99 on Amazon.

COOAU 4K Waterproof Action Camera

The COOAU 4K Waterproof Action Camera has an affordable waterproof camera and is perfect for skiing, playing ball, underwater fun and any other action activity you can think of. This shake-proof camera has a built-in external microphone and provides HD 4K video. You also have the ability to operate the camera from up to ten meters away with a remote control. It includes all the basic camera functions as well, like loop recording, time lapse recording, slow motion, self-timer, burst photo and many more. You can find this camera for $49.99 on Amazon.

DBPower Portable Mini Projector

Bring the movie theater with you anywhere with this affordable mini-projector. This is a fun gift for the entire family and can be connected to your phone or laptop. It also comes with an environmentally friendly lamp with a lifespan of 5000 hours. No need to spend 1000 dollars trying to create an at-home cinema experience when you can pay $67.99 on Amazon.

Smart Garden 3

Is there someone with a green thumb in your inner circle? With this self watering indoor smart garden you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to water your plants. You may be surprised to find that you can buy this gadget from Nordstrom for $99.

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