Solution Spotlight The Importance of Backup

It is easy to underestimate the importance of a good backup solution. Maybe you haven’t thought of it because you haven’t had to or it doesn’t seem like an urgent need, however of you are considering it now it is important to know that all backups are not created equal.

Data is the most vital asset to any organization. Despite the progressive rise in natural and human related disasters, Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) are still not given the attention they deserve. I equate that to its title, with the operative word being “disaster.”

It is winter on the east coast, what if there is an impending snowstorm or a burst water pipe on the floor above that could destroy your hardware? How are you going to recover your company’s data and get your business up and running again?

Disasters can mean anything from a blizzard to torrential rainfall or spilled coffee on a machine. When a disaster or outage occurs, organizations often struggle to recover systems and applications needed to perform everyday operations, which results in a loss of information and revenue. Most people think that the odds of having their business impacted by a natural disaster are slim to none, and they don’t see the value in investing in a backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution.

Do you invest in car or home insurance? Aren’t your company data, files and records important to the health of your business? There are number of solutions on the market, but finding the right one is key. I caution when making these decisions to not base it solely on cost without speaking to your IT managed services provider (MSP).

An effective BDR solution should have the following:

  • Cloud Storage for your data to keep it safe and out of the office. In addition, it protects your information against in-office malware attacks and security breaches
  • A fully automated backup process
  • Backup that is monitored around the clock enabling quick access to data
  • Replication of data at another location (ideally between 2 data centers on opposite coasts)
  • Data restoration in hours, minutes or even seconds
  • Image-based backups


What you need to look for in your next BDR Solution, if you are not on TNS Protect, is a solution that was born, designed, built and tested in the real world with real clients. One that is currently deployed and supported by a team of IT professionals that are accessible. They monitor and provide vital system updates and depending on what “attack” occurs on your data, they can get you up and running and limit downtime.

Taking action now will dramatically improve your company’s chances of “keeping business as usual” even if a significant occurrence takes place.  The key to preventing data loss is stopping it before it happens. Contact The TNS Group today to get started.

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