If you are part of a nonprofit organization then you know that budgeting is the name of the game. In many cases, in the nonprofit world, the mind-set is that funds go to the mission not the organization. Nonprofits handle a variety of finances from donations to grants, having everything organized in an orderly manner is imperative. 

That is why functional technology is a necessity now. We essentially live in a paperless world today when it comes to doing business. Whether you’re taking a donation from someone within your community, or accepting a large grant you need to know that the money is not only being stored the right way, but it’s being protected and put in the hands of those it was intended to be in. 

This kind of operation is almost impossible without having the right kind of IT services in place. Do you have an internal CIO to handle your IT strategy? If not, have you ever considered IT Consulting? 

There’s a very high likelihood you’re in need of a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) that is technical in nature and understands the nonprofit sector. Read more below to learn about the benefits.


What is a Virtual Chief Information Officer? 

First, let’s start with the role of Chief Information Officer (CIO). It is this person’s job to drive your organization's business and technology strategy. It is a person who understands your business operations and uses that understanding to design the right infrastructure for your organization to succeed. 

A good, full time CIO also stays on top of changing technology and your changing business. They have an awareness of how your technology needs to grow with you in order for you to succeed. 

Now, a vCIO does everything an internal CIO would, but the work is outsourced to a company that provides IT Consulting. It’s his or her job to get to know your nonprofit the same way any internal employee would. That means, not just in a technological sense.

They look at your business processes with a birdseye view to create and execute an IT plan for you. It’s also their job to be there for you like any other employee would be. Not just when it’s convenient for the consultant.


Benefits of vCIO Services Through a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

With budgeting on the mind, your nonprofit can also save money through outsourcing your vCIO. Hiring new employees can get extremely expensive, not to mention a high paying executive role. When you outsource to a third-party like an MSP you save money in multiple ways. 

First of all, that’s one more salary you don’t have to take into consideration when you’re managing money. All onboarding costs are now off the table because you’re working with a company, not investing in a new employee who could end up leaving after a few months. You also won’t lose money on expenses like vacation-time and paid-time-off. Going third party eliminates all the costs that would linger with an internal employee.

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) with IT Consulting solutions, we offer vCIO services. We can provide you with the digital transformation your organization needs to attract new public charities and a world of donors. As a nonprofit your work truly serves the public and we are here to help support your mission and ensure your IT does so as well. We will make sure you have all the applications, security, and software you need for your organization, without breaking the bank.

If you would like to learn more about virtual chief information officer’s and how your organization can benefit from hiring one, contact The TNS Group today. 

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