Business is becoming more digitized every day. Now is a better time than ever to automate your business operations in new and innovative ways. The possibilities are endless. IT Consulting services through a Managed Service Provider (MSP) provides the opportunity to develop your business strategy through technology.

Comprehensive Approach

IT Consulting service providers take a comprehensive approach that is catered to your organization and its specific needs.

Part 1: Vision

This part is all about getting to know you and your business. The goal is to align your needs and vision with the right technical solutions. This is done with the intention of contributing to your strategic growth and intended direction. Part of that outcome would be a direct result of your technology working efficiently. Incorporating infrastructure and key business applications into the transformation of your environment are priorities, along with managing data security and compliance needs.

Part 2: Identify

The next step is the discovery process. An extensive discovery is done for the purpose of identifying business objectives that can be achieved through technology. This is a collaborative process to ensure that you and your business are in alignment with the overall strategy. During this process, the consulting team will assess your current environment and capabilities, service delivery, workflow, projected growth, management and employee needs and more.

Part 3: The Plan

At this time, your MSP will take all of the information they obtained during the collaborative discussion and develop your business strategy. This plan outlines the impact on your business and team members, a roadmap and timeline for adoption. Along with that, whatever solutions are decided upon, will be tested prior to roll-out.

IT Consulting Services Offered

Managed Security

Hacking and cybersecurity attacks are around every corner and growing more serious and damaging. Managed Security allows you to take a proactive, layered approach to protecting your environment. It may incorporate components of managed security such as, Perimeter Protection, Security Awareness Training (SAT) and Threat Detection and Response, depending upon your immediate needs and budgetary requirements.

Infrastructure and Applications

Your systems must be monitored, managed and optimized. It’s important because, along with applications, your infrastructure is what helps your business operate and succeed. With IT Consulting services your provided with the most functional and profitable solutions that will boost your efficiency.

Managed Cloud Solutions

Utilizing The cloud in some capacity allows your business to scale and grow effectively. Through IT Consulting services you’re provided with a cloud strategy that is developed around your workflow, resources, business objectives, and security needs. Working collaboratively enables your MSP to address any potential roadblocks before the solution is implemented.

Business Continuity

Disasters whether big or small, happen every day and they need to be planned for. A business continuity plan that is tailored to your organization gives you the ability to fully function should an outage, intrusion, cyberattack or any other situation arise. A plan like this involves local backups, replications to the cloud and failover sites. This ensures that your data and assets are safe and accessible in the event of a disaster.

IT Consulting Services Checklist

  • Develop IT Strategy
  • Execute IT projects with Proven Technology solutions
  • Incorporate Best Practices into Your Organization
  • Develop an Effective, Secure, Reliable, and Available IT
  • Incorporate a Layered Approach to Security
  • Incorporate Business Continuity Planning into Your Environment

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